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  1. afro-girl

    Transferring to CSU

    I'm thinking about transferring to the Communications (Journalism) next year from an Arts course at Sydney Uni. Does anyone know how difficult it is to transfer to CSU??
  2. afro-girl

    Module B

    the annoying thing was that if you had a personal response which fitted this question, which i know a lot of people did (for wuthering heights anyway whicnh is what i studied) then it really worked for you mine had nothing to do with that.. but i just had to kind of twist my thesis Hopefully...
  3. afro-girl

    Poetry notes on RTFG

    We are doing Seamus heaney's poetry as part of RTFG?? has anyone done it/ is doing it .. and do you have any notes on the poems?? thanks xx
  4. afro-girl

    RACHEL - Aboriginal poetry

    we've been doing aboriginal poetry in extension and i wondered if anyone had read this poem and they could give me some insight into it
  5. afro-girl

    whats so good about sex??

    ok ppl i want ur honest opinons... why does everyone care so much about sex?? in my opinion its totally overrated.. but ive probably had a bad experience... so telll..