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    informatics - early entry - how did you go?

    As the title says, how did everyone go with their early entry interviews? Just curious, who was your interviewer(s) and what did you think of them?
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    Informatics subjects

    hi, time to choose electives again, just wondering if anyone has done these subjects, and if you have what did you think of them? would you recommend them as an elective? BUSS308 - Information Systems Management BUSS317 - Business Programming IV IACT303 - World Wide Networking ITCS301 -...
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    SITACS subject outline archives

    hi there, can anyone who is enrolled in with sitacs able to access the 2006 spring subject outlines, located at: ?? it says to login using username / password but mine wont work. if your able to get access can you...
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    hey, does anyone know if any past papers exist for CSCI399, or if anyone has done the exam before what structure the exam is in and is possible any questions you were asked? cheers.
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    BUSS subjects

    hey, has anyone here done, BUSS214, BUSS201 or BUSS312? can you tell me what they were like, if they are worth doing and what the workload is like? Thanks, Ben.
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    CSCI213 - jaaaaaava

    hey, just wondering for those who have done csci213 with neil grey teaching, what is the final exam like? did you find it difficult? what is the exam structure like? thanks, ben
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    BInfoTech Industry Placement

    Hi guys, Has anyone here done the 8 week industry placement part of the Information and Communication Technology degree required after 2nd and 3rd years? If so where did you do your placement and how abouts did find this placement, also anyone else currently doing the degee, where abouts...
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    help me with my elective (SITACS ppl)

    hey, im half way through 2nd year BInfoTech (Network Systems + Management) degree and need to choose an elective for spring. In autumn I completed: - CSCI204 - C Family and Unix - CSCI212 - Interacting Systems - ITCS206 - Markup Languages - IACT201 - Information Technology &...
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    2nd year CSCI subjects

    Hi, Can anyone who has previously done CSCI204 and CSCI212, give us a bit of detail of the subjects, whether they are hard?, challenging?, easy? Is there much programming involved? I assume there is a bit in 204. Also what are the lecturers like that run the subjects? I think for 2006 its...
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    SOLS question about 2nd yr subjects

    Ok so ive just finished 1st year, In SOLS under enrollment & variations, when autumn 2006 starts, will SOLS automatically allocate me the core subjects that I need to complete in the 2nd year of my degree, or must I look at my degree outline and enter in the subject codes of the subjects I...
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    whos been done for plagarism?

    how many of u have been caught out for plagarism, whether being intentional or not, and what where your consequences
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    Linux booting trouble!

    hi, i have windows xp on one partition and debian linux on another partition on teh same harddrive. I just reinstalled windows and now i cannot boot into linux as the GRUB boot manager is not coming up anymore. Does anyone know how to reinstall GRUB or even to just be able to boot into linux?
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    Installing Linux

    im new to linux and want to install it on my computer so i can use it for uni, im going to use debian linux as they use it in my labs. Im just wondering if its possible to install linux on a spare partition while windows is on teh other partition and be able to run either operation system when i...
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    new hdd

    i need a new hard drive, whats the best brand to get for price, performance and if its quiet or noisy, i need roughly 160 + gigs, ive been looking at seagate, particulary cus of the 5 yr warranty
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    book return policy?

    anyone know the policy teh unishop has in relation to returning textbooks?, do u get a refund, credit? how many days before u can return the books?
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    lockers at the uni

    just realised that the night of the garden party i have uni from 8.30 till 5.30, seeing i live in sydney and the garden party starts at 7.15 there is no real point in coming back home then back again to uni, ill just kill the time till it starts having pre drinks at the uni bar, my question is...
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    anyone else pissed off about CSCI114 tutorial change

    the fuckers moved the wednesday tutorial to thursday fucking have a 4 hour gap now.. fucken YAY!
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    UOW email

    enrolled last week and was giving all the user login, email and all. Do we have to keep the email they gave us, such as dcp234 (our initials and random numbers) or can we change our address to something different?
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    New to wollongong - help with timetables!

    Ive been accepted to wollongong for bachelor information communication technology (network and systems management), and ive herd about new students already working out their timetables and all that. How do you work out your subjects your going to be doing and timetables? Is it somethinh we have...
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    getting exam papers back

    is there anyway of getting hsc exams papers back once they have been marked?