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  1. connie

    question 27

    (b) (i) 25/26 ? (ii) lose 20 cents did u get this?
  2. connie

    question 25

    (a) (i) (1) 2 (2) the most common number of cars possessed by each household (ii) (1 x 12 305) + (2 x 13 918) + (3 x 3980) + (4 x 233) = 53 013 (iii) 2 735 / 33 171 = 0.082451538 0.082451538 x 360 = 30 degrees (rounded nearest degree) (iv) $10 (b) (i) more primary school...
  3. connie

    question 23 answers

    what did u get? question 23 (a) (i) 1.2 x 13 = 15.6 (ii) 15.6 x 7 = 109.2 (one week), 109.2 L = 0.1092, 0.109.2 x 94.22 = 10.29 cents (iii) 1.2 x 1000 = 1200 1200 x 15 = 18 000 (iv) 10 hours = 600 minutes, 18 000 / 600 = 30 drops per minute (b) 3181 (c) 50 (d) (i)...
  4. connie

    what do you think you will get?

    what band do you think you will be in for legal?
  5. connie


    what are you supposed to include in an intro, i always think my intro's are good but my legal teacher never likes them?!
  6. connie

    assess the place of the law

    i really hate these assess the place of the law questions, i don't know they can't stick to effectiveness, anyway i did an intro for a question, looking for constructive criticism "Assess the place of the law in resolving conflict and encouraging cooperation between those who act in a...
  7. connie

    idea pool (family or workplace)

    the point of this thread is to create an idea pool where people suggest what they would say for certain things and in return you suggest something; 1) What do people have to say about accessibility in terms of family or workplace? family -children? 2) resource efficiency? what is the...
  8. connie

    how many words?

    i've been taught 800 words is a good length for an essay, what do you think?
  9. connie

    have i answered the question?

    identify the major changes in the value and composition of global financial flows over the last decade. (2 marks) - global financial flows have expanded substantially following financial deregulation around the world - new technologies and global communications networks have linked...
  10. connie


    ok a prac question says; "Examine TWO indicators of globalisation." how do u examine?
  11. connie

    did anyone else realise how badly ipt gets scaled?

    is it just me or has anyone esle just found out ipt scales very badly? its LOWER THAN DANCE!!!!!! *should have taken dance*
  12. connie

    what would be a good mark?

    ok so seeing as the scaling has been so good in economics in the last two years, what would be considered the range for good marks, i.e. 80-95? also if you have a 9 day break between all your other exams and eco, is that long enough to effectively cram and get a good mark?
  13. connie

    What would you write?

    My trial question for changing self was, "changing self creates growth" - what would you write for this in terms of my place or sky-high?
  14. connie


    does anyone know the meaning of; 1) Prima facie 2) Pro bono 3) Inter alia 4) vexatious
  15. connie

    number of issues?

    do people think it is acceptable to deal with only two issues, if they are major issues and you could not deal with them in less than 10 pages? or is it better to deal with 4 smaller issues in less detail?
  16. connie

    hard questions?

    just thought i start a thread dedicated to hard questions, so if you have any post them here
  17. connie

    delivery of just outcomes

    would you say the law has delivered just outcomes to children in terms of what is in the best interest of the child? if you would say the has delivered just outcomes, what is this based on and vice versa?
  18. connie

    does our case study have to be australian?

    I noticed some ppl saying they were doing coca cola or mc donalds, so i was just wondering if our case study has to be Australian?
  19. connie

    cases on children

    does anyone know of some cases to do with children where the decision has "in the best interest of the child' or the interests of the child are the "paramount consideration" in it. would be greatly appreciated
  20. connie


    is there such a thing as an introduction that is too long? I'm in the middle of an essay and the intro is 351 words is that too long?