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    not long now people hahaha

    hahaha, i did the hsc last year, and am so glad im not going through the stress of what you guys are going through. im just glad im not in ur position hahaha good luck though, and remember if u go to uni, u will find the HSC is SOOOO easy compared to the stress of uni, and u will face...
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    neeeeedddddd UAI prediction

    ok ive missed out on early entry and am not going as well in my hsc exams as i thought i would, but to shut my mamma up can u all give me an estimate i go to a low-budget/low-on-teachers-cant afford chalk type of public school results from trials/overall class rank advanced english 90%...
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    who just does not give a f*ck anymore?

    who else here was so pumped up for the exams but now just does not give a fuck anymore? im coming first in 4 of my subjects, yet i didnt go good at ALL in any of my exams and i think i can kiss my dream of uai of 90 goodbye. anyone else happen to wake up at 2pm coz studying doesnt look to...
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    be honest!! whos stressin now??

    we only have a 2 weeks until the dreaded day of preforming our plays. we only have about 7 mins solid. anyone else stressin out?? plus my monlogue is just starting to come together i wonder if anyone can tell me wats wrong with this equation?? hmm..
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    i NEED a uai prediction

    aaahhhhh from hearing so many different stories on how uai's are determined i need help. im a student from one of those 'getto schools'. One of the poorer public schools. here are my trial results adv english 84% 1/18 2u maths 30% 10/16 pd 80% 2/28 legal 88% 1/15 business 71% 5/18...