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    What is Arts at Uni like?

    Does anyone know what sorts of exams or projects are there in Arts? Whether its easy or hard? Lot of writing and reading? Lots of memorisation? I am keen on doing Arts as a double degree and I want to do in particular International Relations as a major. My first preference is Medicine/Arts at...
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    Panicking, need advice real bad for Phys and Chem...

    Ok so I started self learning HSC Chem and Phys few weeks back just to have a head start before the Term starts. I went pretty deep into Space and Production of Materials, suddenly the teacher has been lately going through the first syllabus points it seems like I have forgotten most of what I...
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    How to use class time more effectively? Serious question.

    Just to make it clear I am a rebel and extremely picky. I struggle to be productive or learn anything using during my classes these days. I copy stuff off the board like a sheep despite not understanding what I am jotting down. Most of my teachers arn't at all engaging especially my teacher for...
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    Has UMAT been removed for UNSW Optometry entry?

    I remember you required the UMAT and an ATAR above 95 for entry into Optometry at UNSW? Now from reading on their site they have suddenly changed the ATAR entry to 98 without mentioning UMAT. Has there been some sort of change? Neither have they even mentioned such a change on their site...
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    Is there life after Death?

    Thoughts? :confused: Quantum Theory Proves Consciousness Moves To Another Universe After Death A book titled “Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the Nature of the Universe” has stirred up the Internet, because it contained a notion that life does not end...
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    Studying in Uni for a long time bad or good (9-10 years)?

    At least 9-10 years what I found so far is the case for the degrees I have been looking at lately. Is that an unhealthy amount of time to spend studying at University?
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    Markovnikov's rule?

    Like I give you a situation where Alkenes have a different number of hydrogen atoms on each side of the double bond. Ok so you attach a hydrogen halogen or just a few hydrogens to the Carbon next to the the double bond with the least no. of hydrogens and it changes to an Alkane with single...
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    Should I aim for Grad Med rather than Undergrad?

    I honestly don't think I am ready to do the UMAT next year and neither am I expecting an ATAR of 99+. Its too late to change things around so I was wondering whether my chances be better to get into Med if I did an undergraduate degree like Commerce at UNSW or USYD and then sit Gamsat to get...
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    What is your favourite Science?

    Which one?
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    Guide to LAT Tutoring

    For those of you who are aware this year will be the first time a new test for Year 11s and 12s will be introduced called the LAT (Law Admissions Test) which will be run on September 2016 for Law admissions at UNSW. What is tested for in LAT? LAT is a test where you are assessed for your own...
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    What jobs can you get with an Advanced Science degree?

    Economics/Advanced Science (Honours)? In school I am doing Physics and Chemistry which I am equally enjoying and doing well in. Was kinda looking around the and found this degree they offer at UNSW quite interesting. According to a friend of mine there is really no future for science in the...
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    Maths Equation Sparks Terror Alert

    Decorated economics professors be warned: Working on an equation during your flight can apparently be misinterpreted as suspicious behavior. University of Pennsylvania professor Guido Menzio boarded an American Airlines flight from Philadelphia on Saturday, en route to Queens University to...
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    Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Thread

    Who loves a HSP? :cool: :tongue:
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    Commerce/Economics degree and career help?

    What are the main differences between a bachelor of economics and commerce? And if I did pick economics, I heard its harder to find a job and overall there are limited jobs whereas Commerce there is more of a variety of jobs available in multiple fields? For Economics apparently it highly...
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    Prelim 2016 Maths Help Thread

    Since our individual Maths help threads are closing, I have created this thread instead where we can all ask for help in our 2 Unit or 3 Unit questions :)
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    Simorgh's Maths Questions

    I can be really crap at Math, so I will post questions here which I need help with. First Question :) 1 + cot^2 alpha could become cosec^2 alpha but how do you simply the top properly with 2cot alpha? Should you just convert the top into cos/sin + cos/sin??
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    How well do these subjects scale/align ?

    Maths Extension 1 Mathematics Physics Modern History Advanced English Economics Chemistry My school is ranked between 50-100 usually. The subject my school always tends to get most Band 6s in is Adv English, which more than half the cohort gets according to recent stats in last few...
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    How do you study for English ?

    ^ Just how? Also like when you don't have any English exams coming up?
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    Can you get away with failing Prelim Eco?

    Is there a big difference? Basically do you have to do mastery at Prelim Eco to do really well at HSC Eco? Micro in Prelim and Macro in HSC right? Can you get away with slouching Prelim Eco? I haven't been paying much focus and attention to Economics even though I really love the subject, but...
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    I think I am stuffing up Prelim

    4 weeks into Prelim and I am in a state of disarray and confusion. I am the sort of person who doesn't really learn much in a classroom environment. I learn best when I go home and study by myself, not around others or most of the time in class. I think this is a real problem, which I need do...