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    The ATAR cutoff for education/arts isn't provided on the USYD website. Why is that?? Do they consider application forms or?
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    Internal and external marks

    For instance, if I get 16% on my eco trial but get 70% on the eco HSC exam, how will my overall HSC mark and ATAR balance out/be calculated? I still don't quite understand the whole process.
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    Does your attendance rate affect your ATAR?

    I haven't been attending lessons much recently. Will this affect my HSC & ATAR? I attend a single sex, government school and they haven't said much about attendance rate apart from illness/misadventure forms :/
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    Another question regarding the ATAR

    So if the ATAR is determined depending on 50% of your HSC exam marks, does the other 50% depend on your school trial marks? What if I did really badly on the trials but OK in other minor tasks throughout the course of the year?
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    ATAR Cutoff & Guaranteed Entry?

    I'm aiming to do a Bachelor of Education/Arts at UNSW which the ATAR Cutoff is 80. But on the UNSW website, it says that "guaranteed entry" is 82.5. Does that mean that if I get an ATAR of 80.05, I wouldn't get in to the course? I have to get at least an ATAR that's in the high 80's to get in?
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    Why is the ATAR cutoff for education "low"?

    "Low" as in below 90. Is it because not many people choose it or is there a low demand for teachers? I have thought of choosing secondary education at USYD but was a bit surprised at the ATAR cutoff for it.
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    Listening exam

    I always do the worst in the listening section of the Japanese exam! I barely passed 90% due to my horrible listening exam :( To all of you who do well in listening exams, how do you study for them? Do you just memorise all of the vocabulary and grammar points? It's frustrating how there's...
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    Japanese Extension past papers?

    Does anyone know of good links with Japanese Extension past papers from all schools?
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    12/20 for economics essay :/

    So I got my eco essay back and I was pretty disappointed. My excuse is that the teachers wouldn't accept drafts so I actually had no idea how to write an eco essay. What is the proper structure of an eco essay? All I know is that it's completely different from an English essay. I'm just so upset...
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    English Advanced and English Extension I units?

    So recently, my English Extension teacher said something like how for the HSC, if you do both English Advanced and English Extension, English Extension can count more of the units than English Advanced if you perform better in it or something. I don't know if I heard her right but what's this...
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    Economics essay structure?

    Someone tell me what the structure of an economics essay is please!!
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    USYD Commerce or UNSW Commerce?

    I'm going into year 11 in 2016 but I was just wondering which university is better for commerce? I'm so confused as I scroll through some of the other threads and some people say that USYD has a "better reputation globally" while UNSW is "better as a business school in general". Thoughts please?
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    What does it mean to write/make notes into "your own words"???

    I never understood what teachers and senior students meant by this phrase, "You should write your notes into your own words". That doesn't make sense to me because how is that gonna work? For example, if the science textbook or your science class notes say, "Increasing the temperature increases...
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    Year 10 5.3 maths & Preliminary 3U maths?

    I'm in year 10 currently and doing 3U maths next year. What topics/concepts from 5.3 maths is necessary to know for 3U maths? Like, do we need to know sine and cosine rule, how to solve quadratics, algebraic techniques, logarithms, probability, data, congruency and similarity?? What do we still...
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    How do you write your notes for economics?

    By using a textbook? Internet? Summarising information to answer the syllabus dot points?
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    USYD or UNSW Commerce?

    Which is better?
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    Does ESL scale better than English Advanced and English Extension?

    I was just wondering about this as there has been this discussion going on amongst my grade that ESL scales better than English Advanced and English Extension. I overheard some students protesting about it as it was unfair, lol. Is this true though? I'm just curious.
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    1. What do you learn in economics? I know you learn about the economy but what else? Trade or what? 2. Does economics involve a lot of maths? If yes, what topics of maths? Formulas? Calculations? Interest rates? 3. What assessment tasks are in economics? Are there skills tests? Essays? Written...
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    I didn't get into Extension 1 mathematics? :(

    I'm in the top 5.3 maths class and we recently got our maths half-yearly exam back. It was a difficult test and I scored 54%. In order to do Extension 1 maths, you have to be ranked in the top 40's and I was ranked 44 :( But fortunately, the maths department lets in another 20 students at the...
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    Information processing skills in science

    In science exams, I always lose marks in the processing skills section such as drawing graphs, ICAS-like questions, etc. Is it possible to study for these? Can anyone send me some processing skills questions/papers? I'm seriously worried for my future exams (HSC!!!) Oh and is it possible to...