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  1. Frostbitten

    UTS Internal Transfer from B.Business to B.Business/Law

    Hello there, I'm just wondering how UTS handles a transfer from B.Business to B.Business/law. Essentially I just want to know what the requirements are for this and also if you know of anyone who has done this what did they do? Thank you kind people :)
  2. Frostbitten

    Clarification of this technique

    What technique is in this line from Frankenstein, it's at the end where he dies. 'he sunk into silence' Would 'sunk' be something like a metaphorical verb? Quick responses please! Cheers!
  3. Frostbitten

    External Transfer

    If you attend another university for one year is the transfer to macquarie uni based solely on your university marks or 50/50 atar and uni?
  4. Frostbitten

    Haaaalllp! Raw marks for low 70s ATAR

    For these subjects what RAW marks should I be aiming for to get an atar of 69-73? -Chemistry -Mathematics -Physics -English Advanced -Financial Services (TAFE) Cheers fellas, the amount of information on ATAR calculation is mind fucking me too hard XD
  5. Frostbitten

    English (advanced) - Interpretation of assessment question

    Evening all, My mod C question is: 'The relationship between memory and historical documentation is made evident through the shaping of texts in this elective. What elements in your prescribed text and in at least one other related text of your own choosing most powerfully reveal such...
  6. Frostbitten

    Help, UTS - Business or UNSW - Commerce

    Hello there, oh infinitely wise and intelligent BoS, I have narrowed down two main options for what I will do after the HSC, and due to a lack of experience and knowledge on the matter I require assistance with defining what exactly is the wiser choice. An important piece of information...
  7. Frostbitten

    How hard is 75 WAM in b.Arts

    As the title says; how hard is it to obtain 75 WAM for first year in a bachelor of Arts? Also what would be the easier majors for B.Arts to get a 75 WAM. Trying to design a plan for the future which could possibly involve getting into B.Arts then transfer to b.commerce with a 75 WAM. Anyone who...
  8. Frostbitten

    Seeking Advice

    Why, hello there people. Pretty much I have been doing the bare minimum for mathematics 2u and of course I have been punished with shitty results throughout the year (60% and 45% crap like that). My other subjects are holding up alright and I want an 80+ ATAR. I have been a complete retard...
  9. Frostbitten

    Need help please!

    If x√3 + 2√y = √48 + √28 + √27 find x and y Thankyou chumps, will rep for answer + working
  10. Frostbitten

    Rate of decay question, need halp!

    Need help with this question, it is annoying me. The rate of decay of a radioactive source is given by the formula dm/dt=-km where k is a positive constant, m is the mass in grams, and t is the time in years. i) If the initial mass of the source was a grams, find an equation for the mass...
  11. Frostbitten

    Alternate paths to Commerce USYD/NSW

    Say hypothetically, someone achieved an ATAR of 85 who is eligible for EAS. Clearly, still this person is unable to be accepted for commerce at either of these universities, what would be the quickest alternate path for any one of them? So transfers etc.
  12. Frostbitten

    UTS Business or Macquarie Prof. Accounting

    Which course do you think is better and why? I am more so interested in the employment prospects of each course for the big 4 and perhaps higher mid tier firms.
  13. Frostbitten

    Help, maths!

    If 5x^2 - 37x + 68 =(meant to be 3 parallel lines) a(x-4)^2 + b(x-4) + c i) Find the values of a, b and c ii) Hence, factorise 5x^2 - 37x + 68
  14. Frostbitten

    Best textbooks for subjects 2013

    Greetings all, What are the best textbooks to get for: Physics Chemistry English - Advanced 2u Mathematics Or if you know any great textbooks for other subjects such as bio, pdhpe etc feel free to post them to help others. Any revision guides or similar things are also welcomed...
  15. Frostbitten

    TAFE course HSC ranking

    I do accounting at TAFE and I think, I heard somewhere last that its not 50-50 internal-external but soley 100% externals. Can someone confirm this? preaseeeeee
  16. Frostbitten

    Halp on Atar bruz

    In a situation where there is a >400 ranked school and in throughout several course the top 3 people lets say 'x', 'y' and 'z'are pretty close in the internal assessment, say 92,89,87 respectively, and then the rest of the class is 77-60. If 'x' gets 93, 'y' gets 90 and 'z' gets 89 in externals...
  17. Frostbitten

    Difficulty to catch up on Chemistry.

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to fail this chemistry exam, its 20% weighting. Unfortunately. The reason being is because I was an idiot and didn't commit to the subject at all through the first half of year 12. It falls on the same day as a 30% weighting 2u mathematics exam so I've had to prioritise...
  18. Frostbitten

    How is Accounting HSC calculated?

    I do Financial services, an adaptation of the previous accounting course. Does anyone know how it is calculated in the HSC? Its a TAFE course just wondering how they do it...
  19. Frostbitten

    Maths halp!

    Factorise a^2 - 4a + 4 - 9b^2 Thankyou :)
  20. Frostbitten

    Commerce - Pro Accounting at Macquarie

    This course had an 81.95 cut-off last year. What are the differences between this course and the commerce courses where you major into accounting at UNSW or USYD? Cheers