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    sources on Alexander the Great

    any sources on Alexander the great would be muched appreciated, if there are ne primary sources it would be even better
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    As yet I have not yet formulated an overall question for my major work. Based on the research that I have conducted so far it will be something concerning the effect that Homers epics had on Alexander and his histories, arguing that essentially the Histories written by pseudo-Calisthenes and...
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    well ive only just recently started research and all for the project and started writting my proposal, so alot of the information i may have found may well b invalid, i hav not yet had a chance to visit macquarie uni although i plan to in the comming school holidays. In order to undertake...
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    well actually i was thinking of doing kind of "extensions of Homers epics throughout history" kinda thing, as you should know there are many elements of the evidence about alexanders life that have similarities to elements in the illiad, same with the story of arthur and alexander, i was...
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    I'm just about to start writing my proposal for my major work. the area of study i have chosen is along the lines of a comparative study of the king arthur legends and the histories of alexander the great (mainly using the alexander romance). do you think this topic is suitable or is it to...
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    can anyone here sugest a suitable layout for a history extension proposal?