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    Arts/Law at UNSW

    Hi just a few questions if anyone could help me out, Since I'm doing a combined law degree, do i/ can i major in something for my arts degree, and second, can i complete an arts honours degree aswell? Thankkks
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    UNSW Unipass

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know how to get the unipass for the unsw unimail??
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    What Raw Mark u think u got?

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    Where can I find the list of High school ranks?

    I can't seem to find a list of the NSW high school ranks Can someone please help us?
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    EEXT Moderation/Marking Process

    Hi I'm just a bit confused I received 42/50 for my internal mark For me to get in the top band (E4 i think) do i have to gain an external mark minimum of 48/50?
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    Can any past ext2 students help me out?

    Re: Am I the only demotivated wreck here? Sorry to go off in a little tangent but I've been heaps demotivated since i got my proposal mark i got 7/10 everyone in my class got that except 2 students Its not that I'm angry about it I just feel I put in alot of effort and only got 7 Can any past...
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    How valuable is Ext2 English?

    HI everyone, I'm just curious about the scaling factors of ext2 English can any former students help me out?
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    Can someone please critique my proposal?

    Re: Assessment: Proposal HI everyone could a former e-ext2 student give me an opinion about my proposal thank you