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    Ancient History Textbook

    Hi Guys :) So I am currently studying the Personality of Pericles in Ancient History, however my textbook Antiquity doesn't have any information on the Pericles topic. Does anyone know if I can purchase an ancient history textbook with that topic or know of a textbook that has it? Thankyou...
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    Stressed about General Maths

    Hi Guys, I got back my General Maths exams and I'm super disappointed with my mark especially because I studied so hard for it. I know that I wasn't the only one that was expecting to do better but I was hoping to improve my mark from 75% but instead went to 65%. I really need an ATAR over 90...
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    Traditional view of Sparta?

    Hi all, so I am doing an assignment on Sparta at the Battle of Leuctra in 371BC and I need to write about the traditional view of Sparta but I can hardly find information on it. Does anyone know any information on it and a bit more than the definition? Thanks :)
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    Length of Crime Summary

    Hi, so I have completed my Crime Summary for Legal Studies and its 30 pages long. I've kept cutting back as originally its was 38 pages but I can't get rid of any more information. Is it still too long or should I leave it? I have had long summaries in the past for legal and other subjects...