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    Recommended Textbooks for Physics, Chemistry and Biology

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to know which textbooks do you guys recommend for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. I've seen multiple threads on Biology but I couldn't find any for Physics and Chemistry (most of it was the old syllabus) Also, does anyone have access to the PDF versions of textbooks...
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    What classifies as a "contemporary" business issue/case study

    Hi, everyone Right now I am doing my BS assignment and it's asking that I use contemporary business issues and case studies. How old can an issue/case study be for it to be contemporary? My teacher says 1-2 years however I heard some other teachers say 5. I'm just curious what you guys think...
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    Girraween Interview Help

    Hi everyone! So I've received a letter from Girra saying that I have been offered a position at the school and that I need to attend an interview. Apparently, Girra previously didn't have a formal interview and had a more of an enrolment process instead so I think this is new. For the people...
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    How should I prepare for the Girraween HAST Test

    Hi guys so I'm planning to apply for some selective schools and some of them require me to take the ACER HAST Test namely Girraween. I was wondering how I should prepare/study for this test as there isn't much info out there and I want to prepare for this as much as I can. I know there are some...
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    Any advice, information, tips and insights on St. Mary's Senior High School?

    Hi all! So I am planning on applying for SMSHS. From browsing around on Google I was only able to find like 1 or 2 recent discussions on St. Marys. Like the title says, does anyone have an advice, information, tips and insights etc. on this school. Also, what do the Enrolment Committee look...