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    return on owners equity for that question

    actually u could work out a profitibility ratio from the info given...the bord were just trying tol be dicks u could work out the return on owners equity........u work out the net proit then u work out the owners equity....... assets=liabilities + owners equity and such and such
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    is it just me?

    is it just me or do u guys get this weird feeling everytime u finish an exam and u realise your never gonna study it again...... like im thinking im never gonna study hitlers nazi germany or im never gonna analyse the metaphors in a poem probably ever again.........when i did it every day...
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    fuck that was easy

    OMG MODERN HISTORY IS OVER.....SUCH AN EASY TEST the germany question was from the trial and my indo china weas an assessment we did BEST FUCKING EVER
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    merchantiable quality

    doesnt merchantible quality of a product mean the actual the cereal has to be guaranteed not to have moss and be old and shit the fact that metal was in the cereal shows that the ACTUAL PRODUCT of cereal was alright, good quality, but the metal was just negligence hence the...
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    crime question 3 and 4

    For the effectiveness of the law for internation crimes i put -bilateral treaties create a relationship between nations so international cooperation helps with international crime -differneces in legal systems and morals create problems in how the law is applied and how people arte...
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    ok lets start the bitching, that was a difficult exam...

    what the fuck was that the bos really like to test us...... INTERNATIONAL CRIME?????????? i mean cmon the multiple choice was alright, a bit tricky with the cerial box and fucking the collective rights question...i put tort law, and referendum respectively human rights wasnt that...
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    fucked up

    that was one fucked up exam
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    somone please relay my fears

    did anyone else not finish a module essay im so depressed i did eight pages on my prescribed for dialouge and i didnt veen get to talk about my supllemetary please sometell me im not gonna be a labourer when i grow up........ i ran out of time:( :confused:
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    someone please admit this...

    that that was an easy compared to what u had in your head fuck man, i knew, I KNEW the third question would be generic and you could manipulate it the way u wanted to i mean i wrote 13 and half pages for the last fucking section................
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    ummm i dont even do ancient history, so only reason im in the forum is because i like people getting stressed over courses that i dont have to worry about....:) anyway what with all of u worrying about quotes from historians i do modern history and were encouraged not to bloody quote...
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    Whats the scaling like for Modern?

    im doing leni the stupid slut.... modern hitory is one of the hardest frikkin subjects in the hsc , y do they scale u down, its fucking bullshit........ im studying my ass off and most of my subjects will scale me down.. i was hoping history will save me so thats oput the window i gotta...
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    Change - Related Texts

    Otherside by the Red Hot Chili Peppers excellent for changing self
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    i this any good for related text

    Anyone advise using The Godfather as stimulus. If you have seen the movie, youll know Al Pacino chnages dramatically in that movie. I used it in my trial and my teacher said make sure it relates to the question. Also they warned me of anything nehgative as they want chnage to be portrayed as...
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    memo to all history students

    What gets me about modern history is the wide scope of the im doing germany as a national study and it all fun and interesting but the question in the hsc can be from anywhere from 1918 and 1945............... now thats how it is for every national strudy but the thing is how are...
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    wondering as always

    can someone give me an estimate withmy final assessment ranks...thanks Standard English 7/137 General Maths 3/ 80 Buiness studies 3/68 Legal studies 1/14 Modern hitory 4/14 Music 1 4/8 ive got pretty smart people in...
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    all that work to have the minidisk fuckup

    I did my hsc exam on the 11th two perfromances, two vivas performances were alright........i can never judge my own performance i did toxicity by soad for my core and by the way from the chili peppers for Rock Music As a drummer the toxicity beat is pretty cool and is pretty good to...