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  1. gwilymprice

    Trigonometric Proof help

    So the problem is (tan^2x - tanx)/(tan^2x + tanx) = tan2x - sec2x I am completely stuck on it and have put it into trig solvers and they give me huge proofs, but it is only worth one mark so it heaps too complicated for the marks allocated. Can anyone enlighten me with the way of doing it...
  2. gwilymprice

    Seconds thoughts

    I'm starting 1st year this year, and I have been super keen for my degree (engineering) and it has been what i've wanted to do for years, but now I am having second thoughts about it. If I am having second thoughts does this mean it might not be the right degree for me? Is this a common feeling...
  3. gwilymprice

    Assessment Mark, Exam Mark and Rank

    If I ranked first in chemistry and physics, my assessment mark is the highest exam mark right? If my exam mark and assessment mark are the same, can I assume that I got the highest or equal highest exam mark in my cohort? Thanks for your help :)
  4. gwilymprice

    Atar Estimate Please

    School Rank: roughly 250 Ranks and raw estimate marks Adv English Rank: 18/76 (10 % behind first) External raw estimate: 90/105 Chemistry Rank: 1/29 External raw estimate: 85-90/100 Physics rank: 1/18 External raw estimate: 80-85/100 Mathematics rank: 3/40 ( 1 % behind first) External...