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    ATAR Estimate Please!!!

    Hey guys, can you please give me an ATAR estimate? Any help would be appreciated :) Overall Ranking: - English advanced 9/53 - Chemistry 2/23 - Physics 2/38 - Biology 1/30 - Maths 2U 3/57 (including 4U students who are ranked above me) - Maths 3U 4/27 (including 3 4U students above me)...
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    Can I have both a VTAC and UAC application?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering what would happen if I pay for both VTAC and UAC applications. Will one affect the other? I am moving to Melbourne with my family so I wondering if I am putting my VTAC application at risk by also applying to NSW universities through UAC. Any help would be...
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    Can anyone help me with the Water Loss Adaptations for Plants assignment?!

    Hi guys. I would appreciate any help from you guys concerning this assignment. I'm having difficulty finding any resources for my bibliography concerning this freaking task. In case you wonder, the 4 species I'm currently researching are Banksia, Callistemon, Grevillea, and Melaleuca. I really...