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    Have you ever won anything?

    I won one of the iPod Nanos from UNSW Info Day: ;D
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    Japanese Studies....

    Don't worry if you end up going alone, uni is a place to meet new people anyways :)
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    2010 enrolment: what day are you going?

    Tomorrow! Do we have to pay our student contribution on enrolment day?
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    BOS USYD Roll Call 2010

    You can do that? I heard you couldn't combine two disciplines? T,T
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    Walking from Redfern Station

    Yeah, maybe. I remember last time I got there by following someone but couldn't remember what the street name was. :(
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    Walking from Redfern Station

    Orly? D: I haven't heard of this shortcut D;
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    Paying for uni? HECS vs Upfront payment

    Oooh neat! Thanks :) +rep
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    Walking from Redfern Station

    Redfern Station, New South Wales, Australia to The University Of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - Google Maps Ignore the blue line. As long as you make the right turn at Codrington Street and walk a few metres in that direction you should get there fine. If in doubt just follow people...
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    Paying for uni? HECS vs Upfront payment

    Under what circumstances do you get the 10% and 20% discounts? I'm a little confused about this :(
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    Tax file number.

    I'd say just call ATO on Monday :)
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    Tax file number.

    If you've applied for your TFN a few weeks ago then don't wait for it to arrive in the mail. Just call them and ask for it :P A friend of mine received hers this way when she really needed her TFN to avoid the horrible witholding tax ;-;
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    what is the earliest you have had to start uni?

    @ bio_nut Wow, maths in the morning. That's gotta suck </3
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    Japanese Beginners

    Oh you went to OHS? ^-^ Me too! I thought the exam was better than last years. My teacher sent me the listenining part for last years exam for practice and I was like WTF they talk SO FAST!! Luckily this year it wasn't like that. :3
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    stickers on calculator

    Oh noes! I wrote my name on it! x(
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    What will you do with your school stuff?

    Buuuuurrrrrrrrn! Burn it with fire!
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    Do you lose marks for having 2 related texts?

    Nuuuuu. I seriously need to learn to read the question carefully ;~;
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    Help with Hamlet question

    How does the way the characters treat each other/react to each others' behaviour say about the way Shakespeare wrote Hamlet? How does he make the characters seem real? This contributes to textual integrity and then what is it about the characterisation that makes the text valuable to us? The...
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    Started studying yet?

    9 to 9 everyday with breaks. FML.
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    Nihongo de 日本語で

    みんなさん、こんにちは。 私はアンジェラです。17才です。パラマッタという町に学校へ行きますけどオープン高校で日本語を勉強しています。日本語を勉強はおもしろくてたのしだけどむずかしいです。来週の木曜日に日本語テストがあるから、今はたくさんを勉強をしたいです。じゃ、皆さん、hscをするのあとで、何をするつもりですか?日本語を勉強つもりですか? じゃ、またね。