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  1. Milo_

    HSC Industrial Technology Discussion Group

    Hello everyone, for those doing Industrial Technology (any majors), there is now a FaceBook group for you guys! Check it out:
  2. Milo_

    ATAR Estimated (Post HSC)

    Okay, sorry for being a bother, but finished my last exam (woooo), and I feel good overall with the effort put in! NESA just sent me the moderated ranks for my subjects, which is essentially the same: School Rank Last Year: 221 Internal raw marks: English Advanced = 86% Mathematics = 70% SOR...
  3. Milo_

    ATAR Estimate?

    Seen some people putting these things up and I'm kind of interested what I will get 🤷‍♂️ Structure: Subject - Rank - Mark School Rank Last Year: 221 ATAR Aim: 95 English Advanced: 6/63 (87%) Mathematics: 15/30 (70%) SOR II: 3/33 (91%) Physics: 16/44 (80%) Business Studies: 12/71 (87%) IT...
  4. Milo_

    Query in regards to scaling...?

    Below is my overall internal marks/ranks post-trials: English Advanced: 6/63 (87%) Mathematics: 15/45 (70%) SOR II: 3/32 (91%) Physics: 13/44 (80%) Business Studies: 12/71 (87%) IT Multimedia: 1/32 (93%) So my goal is to achieve at least 95 ATAR and my question is in regards to scaling: How...
  5. Milo_

    Little inquiry...

    Hey everyone, been a while since I posted on here. As essentially the half-way mark is here, I have received my report/ranks for my subjects. It's a pretty good year group tbh, and I am doing quite well for myself thankfully. (Ranking 1st in Media and SOR II :D). Despite this, I have an...
  6. Milo_

    Stationery/Organisation for Notes, Work and Sheets... (Year 11)

    Hey everyone! Long-time lurker, first time poster; I wish to ask you guys on what is the best way to sort study and school notes, etc. My subjects for Year 11 2018 are: - Mathematics (2 unit) - SOR II - English Advanced - Physics - Business Studies - Multimedia Here is what I...