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  1. wonmin

    Did anyone else's VA 09 BOW get sold?

    I got an offer of $700 from the William Wilkins Memorial Art Collection. I was pretty shocked! Anyone else get any offers?
  2. wonmin

    2010 University Offers Thread (UAC, VTAC, etc) (No Spam)

    Any Archi Students who are going to UTS? Welcome to Facebook | Facebook
  3. wonmin

    Architecture Students of 2010

    Welcome to Facebook | Facebook
  4. wonmin

    is smoking weed bad?

    Once again. That's the media talking inside of you. To be 100% honest. I agree you with you. But people should make their own decisions and we should respect that.
  5. wonmin

    is smoking weed bad?

    Watch both "The Union" and "Super High Me". Both these documentaries (not prove to an extent) but disprove the effect of cannabis that exist in our psyche. It's media which brainwashes us to believe that this so called "weed" is bad for us. But that just my 2 cent. Watch and make your decision...
  6. wonmin

    What is your confirmed ATAR?

    88.05 :) close enough
  7. wonmin

    Got into ARTEXPRESS!

    Wooo!! just got a letter and got a place in ARTexpress 2010 at Newcastle Region Art Gallery and Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre. May not be Art Gallery NSW but I'm glad I got into something. Can't believe it!
  8. wonmin

    Student Online - HELP

    Oh Thanks. Now I just need to find the other pin number. -sigh- No idea what it looks like.
  9. wonmin

    Student Online - HELP

    I can't seem to login. Is the student number the 8 digit number or the uac no? I have the original pin with me but its not working. Anyone else have the same problem?
  10. wonmin

    Art Express nomination forms.

    I just got mine in the mail. So surreal. Good luck to all nominees.
  11. wonmin

    Call Backs.

    My goal was just to get nominated. Don't really care about the whole exhibition thing (even it would be an extra bonus). As long I have secured that mark I'm fine with it.
  12. wonmin

    Call Backs.

    Got one :). Anyone else get a call back. Our school got 2. Wonder what the theme will be. Are these call backs rare? Don't really know
  13. wonmin

    Photography and Situated Media UTS

    Just saying that anything could happen. Time will tell.
  14. wonmin

    Japanese Beginners

    Anyone do it? I cbb to do any study -ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo- :ninja::chainsaw:
  15. wonmin

    What will you do with your school stuff?

    Going to do what any post-HSC student would do... keep it forever until I die! FARK THAT... BURN :chainsaw:
  16. wonmin

    Nerdy and blonde mistakes?

    It was when I was in year 10 in History. Speech topic - Public War. Read my calm cards as a usual year 10 would do. Pronounced Public into the 'Pubic War' FML
  17. wonmin

    Internals Marks

    Sorry, not familiar with the whole process but DAYUM 0.002%. How many marks did your exam have. I'm sure BOS would have a 'fair' way to cater these circumstances. But then again its BOS. No one trusts them anymore.
  18. wonmin

    Man rapes woman in unisex toilet

    Aren't unisex toilets just a single toilet for one person only? Like the handicap toilets. If not. Never been one before.
  19. wonmin

    What to do if you fail the HSC?

    There will be no such thing as 90+ atar without the "failing cunts". Thank god.
  20. wonmin

    What to do if you fail the HSC?

    I know too many people wanting to be garbos. I think the ATAR cut off for that course will be at least 96+ ATAR.