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    Solve the complex number_best way

    The best solution is: (x+iy)^2=3-4i=(2-i)^2, therefore x + iy = 2 - i or - 2 + i. Good luck, my maths mates.
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    integration: partial fractions question

    Origin = int. xdsecx = x secx - int. secxdx = x secx - ln|secx + tanx| + C Good luck!
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    Fitzpatrick Solutions

    Try 0413 197 399. I got a copy of a solution. It's very good.
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    Easy qn

    Good! So, sqrt(4+0i)=(+/-)(2+0i) and sqrt(4)=2. I think I know what you mean.
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    Easy qn

    Thanks! So, sqrt(-1) should be (+/-)i.
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    Easy qn2

    Since i^2=-1, therefore, i=(+/-)sqrt(-1). Becareful, it's wrong!
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    Easy qn

    There are two questions; find the square roots of 3+4i and find sqrt(3+4i). Do u think the solutions are same?
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    I want inequality questons

    Yes! If you check the past pater: Year 1998, you will find this questions! But, I don't think you will find it in this year! Good luck!
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    Harder Counting -- can someone do this?

    Go to the thread: Probability-q1, then Probability-q2. Follow the questions, you will find the answer by yourself! Good luck!
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    let x=sec^2( u) then the question changed to: integrate : sec (u) / tan (u) d sec^2(u) Try it, you will get it! Good luck!
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    More probability. (Simple?)

    Good guy! I think you are right. You can find TUTOR everywhere. But there are a few good tutors. So, don't worry about the redundant since the bad tutor will disappear soon. $60 per? It must be a good tutor. Trust me! I couldn't explain since I need more room and time. But as a good...
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    There are two six letters: two A's, two B's, one C and one D. How many arrangements if two A's and two B's cannot be next to each other? Good luck!
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    I think the answer is 30. First thought: How many arrangements for total: the answer should be: 5P5/2!=60, since there are two A's. Second thought: How many arrangements for two A's togather: the answer should be: 4P4=24 Third: How many arrangements for the first position is B and...
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    is this Q in syllabus? (conics)

    Thanx! I am very stupid. Change sec function to cos function and tan function to sin function, plz! Thank u!
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    More probability. (Simple?)

    Go to the thread: Probability_q1, plz! You will find the answer by youself. Good luck!
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    More probability. (Simple?)

    It's hard to explain! Sorry about! Go to the thread : Probability_q1. I will post the couple of questions, like this. If you can follow it, you will know how to work out this question! Good luck!
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    is this Q in syllabus? (conics)

    Let point P(asec(theta), btan(theta)) and Q(asec(Phi), btan(phi)) Therefore, the line passes through P and Q: [y-btan(theta)]/[x-asec(theta)]=[btan(phi)-btan(theta)]/[asec(phi)-asec(theta)] After that, sub (ae, 0) and (-ae, 0) into the equation, you will get the answer. Don't forget the...
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    Q. Trig and Series

    Sorry about that! You guys must know the formula: cos (X+Y)=cosXcosY-sinXsinY (1) cos (X-Y)=cosXcosY+sinXsinY (2) (1)-(2): cos(X+Y)-cos (X-Y)=-2sinXsinY (3) Let A=X+Y and B=X-Y sub into (3): cosA-cosB=-2sin[(A+B)/2]sin[(A-B)/2] Same as: sinA-sinB=2sin[(A+B)/2]sin[(A-B)/2]...
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    Hi. guys: Try this question. There are five letters, two A's, B, C & D. How many arrangements if two A's cannot be next to each other and B cannot be first. Good luck!
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    Q. Trig and Series

    cos2x-cosx=sin2x-sinx sin(x/2)=0 or tan(3x/2)=-1 therefore: x=0, 2pie, pie/2, 7pie/6 and 11pie/6