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    What are your 1st preferences for main round at UNCLE

    What did you get into? I got into Nursing. I would have been pretty disappointed if I didn't. Especially since the cut-off is 60.5.
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    Piercings and Tattoos

    Cartilage piercings can be an absolute bitch to heal man. I've got two in a similar spot to you and they are nearly there but I still can't sleep on that side (I've had them about 5 months). I originally went to a shitty piercer though and he put a ring in that was too small and causing...
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    B of Nursing for 08

    I've applied for Nursing at Callaghan next year. I'm looking forward to it...
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    Piercings and Tattoos

    I think we're getting it off this forum lol. It must be.
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    Piercings and Tattoos

    Mine has been there 4 weeks now and this morning when I woke up it had doubled in size/length to nearly the whole bar and it was bleeding as i was cleaning it so I've taken it out and will get it re-pierced one day, soon hopefully. I want to get my tongue webbing and tongue done in about a week...
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    Piercings and Tattoos

    How long did it take to go down?
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    Piercings and Tattoos

    I had mine for 3 months, but it is cartilage. It's really hard to get a good photo but these are the best I have. Mine is a lump though, not a bubble.
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    Piercings and Tattoos

    My Tragus has grown a bubble too (well more of a lump) :( It's been there about 4 weeks now. I went and saw a piercer and he said it wasn't a major infection but just some inflammation. I'm thinking about taking it out and getting it re-pierced later. Good luck with your bubble. Since then...
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    What's it called when a blonde dyes their hair brown? Artificial Intelligence Just joking around. I don't even know if you're naturally blonde or not. I'd probably do the same too but that doesn't mean it's not stupid :)
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    Piercings and Tattoos

    You have two tongues? Or do you mean you have 6 tongue piercings, two on the left side and three on the right? j/k I know you're talking about ears, right?
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    What are you currently Reading?

    The Acid House - Irvine Welsh
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    Piercings and Tattoos

    Thank you. It's not that hard to clean. The piercer put a really long bar in to make it easier. He also refused to put a ring in as the swelling causes problems. I don't mind though cause I can change it after 8 - 12 weeks. Oh and just so people know the piercing didn't hurt very much at...
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    Piercings and Tattoos

    I got my first piercing on Wednesday. It's my Tragus. Here are some pictures from just after it was done.
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    What was the last CD you bought?

    If you like early (it was released in 89) NY gangsta rap then yeah, it's great.
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    Sydney Clubs and Hotels

    Hey, For my 21st I want to get about 10 friends together and get a hotel room in Sydney. We will just dump our stuff there on Saturday day and maybe go back after dinner and then crash there after we go clubbing so it doesn't have to be very good (just clean etc). Since there will be 10 of us...
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    What was the last CD you bought?

    Various - Hardcore Euphoria mixed by Sy & Unknown, Dougal & Gammer and Brisk & Ham Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Road To The Riches (Special Edition Extended Play Double Disc)
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    metal fans your suggestions are needed

    I don't listen to much metal but Black Label Society, Mushroomhead & Megadeth are the only ones I can think of that haven't been mentioned.
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    How many pairs of jeans do you own?

    I have a pair like that. They're about 3 1/2 years old and so soft that I just love wearing them. They have a few small holes in the back pockets and they're a bit faded but other than that they're alright. I wouldn't wear them out but there fine for around the house or just going to the shops...
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    list tax deductions

    I wouldn't mind if they were spent properly, that is not for this thread though.