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  1. wonmin

    Did anyone else's VA 09 BOW get sold?

    I got an offer of $700 from the William Wilkins Memorial Art Collection. I was pretty shocked! Anyone else get any offers?
  2. wonmin

    Architecture Students of 2010

    Welcome to Facebook | Facebook
  3. wonmin

    Got into ARTEXPRESS!

    Wooo!! just got a letter and got a place in ARTexpress 2010 at Newcastle Region Art Gallery and Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre. May not be Art Gallery NSW but I'm glad I got into something. Can't believe it!
  4. wonmin

    Student Online - HELP

    I can't seem to login. Is the student number the 8 digit number or the uac no? I have the original pin with me but its not working. Anyone else have the same problem?
  5. wonmin

    Call Backs.

    Got one :). Anyone else get a call back. Our school got 2. Wonder what the theme will be. Are these call backs rare? Don't really know
  6. wonmin

    Japanese Beginners

    Anyone do it? I cbb to do any study -ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo- :ninja::chainsaw:
  7. wonmin

    Photography and Situated Media UTS

    Anyone pick this new course for a one of their options? I really want to do this, Visual Communication or Architecture. Any guesses on the cut-off? I'm guessing it will be quite low since its a new course but since it is a new course, cut off might be high.
  8. wonmin

    Visual Art Major

    Hey. Curious what other people have done for their majors. Post up your DAs if you got any. Kalsaicious on deviantART Haven't posted all of them but yeah. Really can't be bothered. Maybe later. Hope I get nominated for anything. Armoury/Art Express. Would be an awesome honour :rofl:
  9. wonmin

    Writing Faster - TIPS

    Long ass writing exams?:dog: This is just from experience but if you tend to get calluses around your fingers where pressure is immense when writing (We left handers write weird apparently by 'righties'), you can possibly use band-aid around the affected area to lessen the pressure, allowing...