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    Anyone ever used an Iris pen scanner?

    WASsup Boring bored members? lol I've come across this relatively new piece of technology called an iris pen scanner. It basically is able to work like a highlighter, but when you slide it across text, it transfers the text to Word, or Excel or some other application. It sounds like a pretty...
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    Gluck For English

    Goodluck for tomorrow 2007 hsc peeps! DOnt sweat.
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    URGENT question on second derivative :)

    Hi!!! When finding the local max, min and inflection points of f(x) = x^2 e^x When I'm finding f''(x) = 0 I have to use quadratic forumula. But I end up having to square root minus 4. Which you can't do. So does anyoine know a way I can find the inflection points?? Could someone please tell...
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    Major project marks

    Does anyone know when we get the results from our major projects? My teacher said January sometime...
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    what do i do

    if someone likes me, but I like their friend, but their friend likes them...
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    my multiple choice answers

    1. A 2. B 3. C 4. A 5. C 6. B 7. D 8. B 9. D 10. D 11. C 12. C 13. A 14. B 15. D
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    Good Luck Tomorrow

    Good luck everyone! Last exam for me xD
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    Uses and limitations of models!

    Can someone please post them here :o thx
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    Yeah so there's radiation, ultraviolet light, xrays. So why when we get x-rayed to we stay unmutated? Or have mutations occured but just not shown up yet? :eek:
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    HOX, HOM and Homeotic genes

    What's the difference? Thanks xD
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    Lysosomes and Lysozymes

    One text book described a lysosome as the enzymes that digest cell wall of bacteria in the tears, saliva and nasal secretions. Then another said the same thing, but called it a lysozyme :| So I'm thinking the first text book is wrong since lysozyme sounds like enzyme, so that would be the...
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    Essays were heaps essay

    No speeches, no articles. Just explain questions. Sik paper! :D Cept for module C :(
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    Witness Essay Questions

    2001: Identify ONE interesting character represented in Witness. How has Weir used film techniques to shape your response to the character? 2002: You are presenting a segment on 2HSC Radio FM for the Schools’ Program. Interview Peter Weir about his use of John Book and Samuel Lapp in his...
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    Essay Questions

    Storytelling: 2001: Discuss the ways the composers use narrative techniques to shape perceptions of others and the world. 2002: What have you learned about Telling Stories OR Dialogue OR Image through your study of this module? (Best question!) 2003: How is narrative used to involve you in...
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    Music 1 Exam Thoughts...

    I perticularly hated the first question where it asks you to describe sound sources but it's like 90% electric sounds! Also the rest of the questions really pissed me off.. Thank God no more music concepts ! EVER!
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    Good luck for tomorrow

    Goodluck for the music exam tomorow!!!!
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    How many words or pages for section 1?

    I just did the ETA 2004 paper section 1. And got 2 and a bit pages with 700 words.. Would that be enough for section 1? I answered all the questions thoroughly and still had around 5 minutes left spare.
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    Sooo exam's tomorrow..

    Goodluck all :D
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    Essay Structure

    Hi, I was thinking about the types of questions and how to structure my essay. If the question asks about "how" the ways of the jouney is represented. What is the best way to structure the essay? Would it be by a paragraph for each technique? Or for each text? Or by the concepts of journeys...
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    Questions and Answers

    Hi, I wrote the introduction to some of the essay questions about journeys I found I was wondering if I am doing anything wrong...? Question 1: You have been invited to speak at the book launch of a new collection of texts entitled "Representations of the Journey". In your speech, explain and...