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    Anyone else's uni experience like this?

    Most of my uni friends are either school friends, people that I met through those school friends, or people from clubs that I've joined. Engineering people all seem to be super introverted/not interested. =P Seriously, you can make some of the best friends you'll make through clubs and...
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    Engineering at Newcastle

    Ahh, they might be shaking the course up a bit. The last text book pretty much covered PHYS1210 and PHYS1220 perfectly. Hell no. =P I managed to get a HD in ELEC1700 and a D in GENG1803 without either of those textbooks. Chances are that you'll feel like shooting yourself in the foot if you...
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    Engineering at Newcastle

    It should be the same book, but digital. The digital copy is shit, though. You can only access it after logging into the Mastering Physics website and it's browser based. Buying a physical copy is expensive (around $200), but I found it to be totally worth it.
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    Is uni really a fresh start?

    If you're the only person going from your school, it should be a fresh start. In my case, around half of the year ended up getting accepted into the same university, so I haven't even made much of an attempt to meet new people, as I pretty much stepped into uni with so many established school...
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    Engineering at Newcastle

    The only programming course that you have to do in first year is GENG1003, so an 8th of your total course loadings for first year, full time study. ELEC1700 makes you think like a programmer, sometimes, too. Mechatronics certainly has a greater number of programming courses that you have to...
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    Engineering at Newcastle

    The single greatest textbook that you can pick up for first year electrical engineering is 'Physics for Scientists and Engineers' by Giancoli, preferably the 4th edition. It's a set of three volumes and it covers both courses. You're given access to a digital copy of the book, however, I think...
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    Engineering at Newcastle

    Haha, very late response. Apologies for that. =P I'll list each of the first year courses and briefly describe their contents. Semester 1 ELEC1700 - Computer Engineering Introduces you to the foundations of the workings of computers. The course mainly applies mathematical logic to different...
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    Engineering at Newcastle

    If anyone is still thinking about it, I personally can't recommend electrical engineering here enough. It's a great program and maybe I'm just really lucky, but all of my lecturers and tutors have been excellent.
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    General Thoughts: Engineering Studies

    I'm jealous of you guys for having a significantly larger telecommunications and general electrical engineering component to the course. They even put logic gates on the formula sheet, now! That is rad as! Lifting devices was a shitty module, so I'm glad it got shafted. =P
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    Sathius005's Greatest Songs of All Time

    Holy hell, it's Chriharr.
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    BOS Voting Intentions: 2013 Federal Election

    I may be the one person in New South Wales that actually voted for the Liberal Democratic Party with the intention of voting for the Liberal Democratic Party. Regardless of whether or not this was a mistake, I am quite pleased. =P
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    Regrets of Picking Certain Subjects

    The two single things that I regret in regards to my HSC subject selections are picking Industrial Tech (Multimedia) instead of god damn anything else and dropping Ext. 1 Mathematics after prelim. Multimedia was a career interest that I had always had years into my life, and I really enjoyed...
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    Triple J top 20 songs of the last 20 years

    Oh, cool! All of dose, with the addition of 2420 in semester 2, year 2. Only 9 days until the 1110 final... :read:
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    Triple J top 20 songs of the last 20 years

    The Prodigy - Breathe Kanye West - Runaway Pauline Pantsdown - I Don't Like It The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army Radiohead - Paranoid Android Massive Attack - Teardrop Johnny Cash - Hurt Queens of the Stone Age - No One Knows Tool - Stinkfist Foo Fighters - Baker Street System of a Down -...
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    Past HSC Student; advice to those taking IPT in 2013

    Advice from a 2012 band sixer (93): coast the entirety of the course. This is not limited to spending full double periods playing Counter Strike and Halo CE. In the HSC paper, if you find that the option/s that you studied in class are harder than you expected, utilise your knowledge from your...
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    What have you eaten today?

    In the last 24 hours: Fifteen vodka and cranberrys One 375 mL bottle of Chivas Regal 12 y/o Scotch One Le Snack Three large chips (McDonalds) One Roadhouse Brekkie Roll (McDonalds) One hash brown (McDonalds) One small coke One doner kebab Two cannelloni rolls Definitely going to have to cycle...
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    HSC Journal

    I too attended a 200+ school (by the way, I am very offended at your implication that anyone who attends a school of such ranking has a low IQ), graduating last year. We have a couple of courses in common, in Standard English and IPT. Just because you're at a 200+ school doesn't mean that you're...
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    HSC Journal

    I too attended a 200+ school, graduating last year. We have a couple of courses in common, in Standard English and IPT. Just because you're at a 200+ school doesn't mean that you're going to do bad in those subjects at all. It's all on you how you go! With a decent amount of effort, I was able...
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    How do you study 2u math?

    Oh, you're doing the IPT/IT/SSD combo. As passionate as I am about computing and its applications (especially network engineering), I would have committed suicide if I stuck with the initial 6 unit IPT, Industrial Tech: Multimedia and IT combo that I studied during prelim, haha. =P To study...