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  1. sweet_chick

    Top in school

    what was the top UAI in your school ours, Chatham High, was 96.65 just a bit of an improvement from top of 86 in 2004
  2. sweet_chick


    i got a 1st round interview at UNSW but i missed it cause i was hospital but i was given an interview in december. What sorta things do they ask? I feel totally unprepared, im the first person from my school to apply for medicine in about 20 yrs, so no one has any advice.
  3. sweet_chick

    What next..

    Yay finnished today with physics. I think i've done alright. Well tonight I'm getting wasted :) After that I hope i get into medicine at newcastle but i want to defer for a year to be a dedicated housewife and mother. So whats everyone else planning for the next "chapter of your life" ?
  4. sweet_chick


    can anyone remember what they got for calculations. I think i got thwm all wrong i was just getting strange answers. If i was expecting a large answer id get a small one. I do 4u maths so i usually dont get simple calculations like that wrong.
  5. sweet_chick

    Friday off

    Does any other schools have friday off. Last year we had Fridays off. well we were meant to study in the library but not many ppl did., This year because not many ppl were going to school and a lot of yr 11 and 12 were giving our school a bad rep on fridays they changed it. We have to go...
  6. sweet_chick

    How many topics u done?

    We have just started topic 2 I'm afraid we aren't going to finnish the course. The school across the road has nearly finnished their second topic. Our techer sucks. He turns up to class half way through unorganised and spends about 10 mins running around working out what we have done...
  7. sweet_chick


    I'm 10 weeks pregnant and in yr 12. I am still determined to finnish and get into medicine at uni. Just wondering if anyone was in my position?
  8. sweet_chick

    Related Material

    We had to do a related material folder with 5 related materials to our poems due today and i started last night. My poem are Frost and Rime what do u think 1 movie Ever After relates to Rime 2 song Sleep Well Tonight the dissasociatives relates to frost 3 song Mocking Bird Eminem relates to...