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    Anyone ever used an Iris pen scanner?

    WASsup Boring bored members? lol I've come across this relatively new piece of technology called an iris pen scanner. It basically is able to work like a highlighter, but when you slide it across text, it transfers the text to Word, or Excel or some other application. It sounds like a pretty...
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    Why I hate Nokia now...

    I bought an N97 a few months ago and I've had nothing but trouble. I hate when someone calls and the tilt makes the screen change and blank out, you can't even press the green/red button to pickup/hangup. Not only that the software is heaps buggy, I plugged it into the computer once and...
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    Gluck For English

    Goodluck for tomorrow 2007 hsc peeps! DOnt sweat.
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    Prison Break (For people following US tv)

    I can't believe their gonna have to break out of another prison. then what happens after that? They're on the run again? LOL this show is repetitive. And this prison would be way easier to break out of than that other secure one. lol just like jump out that window , cover urself in a sand...
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    Michael Leunig

    Ahh I forget.. From this text I think I mentioned that the journey is continuous. there are positives and negatives. and within a journey there a lot of "sub-journeys", either physical , emotional, or imaginary....... :S
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    Last movie you've seen?

    saw no reservations! loved it! almost made me cry when the lil girl ran in front of that car! shes a friken good actor that lil kid! then chuck and larry was the funniest movie of the year! fuk omg. better than blades of glory. it's one of those movies where u go out saying I wanna see that...
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    AMEB Exams?

    I got ma grade 4 theory on wed!! shud be okayyyyyyy
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    structure and behaviour of chromosomes during meiosis

    Thanks man, I totally forgot all that!
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    URGENT question on second derivative :)

    Omg Thanks! I Love You!
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    URGENT question on second derivative :)

    Hi!!! When finding the local max, min and inflection points of f(x) = x^2 e^x When I'm finding f''(x) = 0 I have to use quadratic forumula. But I end up having to square root minus 4. Which you can't do. So does anyoine know a way I can find the inflection points?? Could someone please tell...
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    Help!! With Dihybrid Crosses!!!!

    Thanks! ubergeekery667! I fully get it now! U rule xD
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    dihybrid crosses?!?!

    EDIT: Actually could someone show me how to do a dihybrid cross between two genes that are linked, say FfEe x ffEe ......? Thx
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    hey is anyone in first yr chem 11011?

    Fairly simple course. (Coming from someone who didn't do hsc chem)
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    Essay Questions

    THanks man, I been waiting 5 months for a response to this. :)
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    Music 1 Exam Thoughts...

    that was my attitude and I went heaps bad in music =[
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    Coles Myer Employment Process

    Coles Hornsby are looking for people. It may be too late now tho.
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    Music 1 Exam Thoughts...

    No you're thinking of music 2. Check out the past papers
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    Prison Break (For people following US tv)

    yeh where's he gonna go lol. over the wall and get shot rofl.he wouldn't be able to climb it anyway hah
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    Prison Break (For people following US tv)

    Doesn't he get a car or something. It's in the next episode I think.. haywire reminds me of ashton from butterfly effect