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  1. ssssonicyouth

    TOP 5's

    choose any topic and make your top 5 list feel free to abuse others for their appalling lack of taste :) and feel free to abuse me for stealing this from high fidelity
  2. ssssonicyouth


    now uais are in, what's the due date for our final preferences?
  3. ssssonicyouth

    uai seeker

    i've mucked around with it but i'm wondering what sort of percentiles other people (read:unbiased people) would put in for each of my subjects in UAI seeker i go to a school which is non selective, and the person who gets dux occasionally goes very well (100) or very meh (97.6) my...
  4. ssssonicyouth

    projectile motion problems

    hi, could someone help me with these ones from fitzpatrick? 17. A stone is thrown so that it will hit a bird at teh top of a pole. However, at the instant the stone is thrown, the bird flies away in a horizontal straight line at a speed on 10m/s. The stone reaches a height double that of the...
  5. ssssonicyouth

    feature articles

    aside from 'have a catchy headline' what do u think makes a good feature article? of all the other text types, it's the one i'm most worried about having to do in an exam