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    Mario Kart Wii

    This is a really good game. The steering wheel can be tricky to use, but there are plenty of alternatives as to which controller you use. Not difficult to pick up either and there seems to be more to the game than with previous versions.
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    Flat chest is the best

    i personally like my b verging on c cups. they fill out clothes more and look better. tell me in summer, do u want to see a twig wearing a bikini or a body?
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    Just a quick question...

    jeez u guys stress a bit! u can ask for as many extra booklets as u want and creative writing being smaller is probably cos most ppl only manage a page or 2 anyway
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    what degree would you do if you got 100 uai

    speaking as a first year uni student, i got what i consider to be a great uai (87.85) and got into the degree i wanted. i am enjoying the course but the uai means NOTHING once u get into uni. thats all its useful for. and uni is a shitload harder (but more interesting) than the HSC. it takes a...
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    semester 1 exam results!

    well i thought my pass and 4 credits were good but obviously no one with those kinds of marks will post on this cos of the intimidating results there already
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    Low Stress Courses?

    first of all, like it has already been said, uni is not stress free. there is no easy way out and if u somehow find a low stress course u ill more than likely earn very little as your qualifications will be less valuable than someone who has done a more stressful course. second of all, tafe is...
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    romantic dates

    depends on the personaility, but ive found the best ones are simple. or a spur of the moment one. doesnt need to cost heaps or be ott.
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    video taping sex

    dont tape anything. simple as that
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    ppl dont hav much faith in relationships these days. my boyf and i hav been together 2 years and hav talked about it alot. we're both 19 and see it as a very real possibility. my aunt and uncle got together in high school and are now married with 2 kids and another aunt and uncle have been...
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    How did you even start?

    we were set up in yr 11. got to a good start and are even better 2 years later. first movie we saw together was star wars romantic
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    WHICH IS MORE ATTRACTIVE?? [please rate]

    number 6. she looked to be about a size 14 or 16 though, and id hardly call that plus size
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    Tips for 2006 HSC Class

    have a life. also, relationships are very important. it can be hard to juggle the hsc around them, but its really helpful to have one. for example my boyfriend helped me keep it all in perspective, one of the few people all year who did that for me. cramming does work if you hav neglected a...
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    Society and Culture:General Exam Thoughts

    there mustn't have been many girls doing the course then. soc isnt exactly the easiest subject.
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    Top Schools of 2006

    can i just mention what school rankings mean to me? absolutely nothing because i go to a school in what sydney ppl would call a boring, almost rural area. our school does not request excessive fees or have any huge advantages. we still get great hsc results, showing, i think, that it is the...
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    WTF! "Define the concept society and culture"

    um, well generally they will ask about any concept. they dont usually go for the hard ones in the early questions. its so everyone gets some marks. as ive been told all year, the bos dont like givind zeros cos it looks bad for statistics
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    who to invite to yr12 formal? from school, or outta school?

    well, my school is crap and wont let us bring people from other schools. they did stuff up and give me 3 tickets instead of two so we wanna see if we can get him in. say that hes mums "partner"