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  1. Misturi

    Lg U880?

    Greetings, I'm not 100% sure if this is supposed to go here, and if its not l'm really sorry! I have been offered a 2nd hand LG U880. First of all, l'll post a picture so you know what l'm talking about: The price is $450 outright. I'm not exactly sure what this person wants for...
  2. Misturi

    So now what?

    I've been accepted into the Surveying Diploma at Tafe after putting in my application. I was notified by phone on Tuesday (Jan 25) and was told to pay that day. I paid via phone and now l am waiting to know what happens. Do l get a letter in the post? Will it tell me what day, time and...
  3. Misturi


    I know l have asked a few times before, but does anyone here do any surveying certificate or diploma course at TAFE? If you do, whats it like? Is it hard? (As in, is it as hard as high school work) Do you get to go out and do experience on the field? Thanks for answering my questions :)
  4. Misturi

    Days per week for Diploma of Surveying at Ultimo

    Hey everyone, I might be able to get into a diploma of surveying. I was wondering that if l did get in how many days a week would it be? It is 22 hours full time. Also - does anyone from Ultimo TAFE do the Diploma of Surveying here?
  5. Misturi

    Surveying - Nirrimba or Ultimo

    Hey everyone. I would love to be a surveyor. Unfortunately l didn't apply for the Diploma as l would like to do Cert. IV but l rang up a lady at Nirrimba TAFE two days ago and apparently it may not be even offered. I am extremely angry that l can't get into either Diploma or Cert. IV if it...
  6. Misturi

    What time did you leave the Biology Exam?

    If you can remember that is. I our school goes to the school next to us and l was shocked to find out that l was the only person from my school still left in the exam room at the end. In total there were about 5 people left when the 3 hour time was up. Did you leave early? Did you leave...
  7. Misturi

    Leaving + entering exam room in certain way?

    Do we have to leave the exam room a certain way? Do we have to walk to the front of the room (or back) and then go towards the door? What if everyone has finished? On Wednesday, after my last english exam, everyone had finished, they had been finished for at least 10 mins, maybe more...
  8. Misturi

    Venn Diagrams

    These are fairly straight forward, but are they part of the course? Will they ask us a question on them in the exam? Thanks :)
  9. Misturi

    Rank and Marks

    Do you know what your rank is for hospoitality? Do you know your total assessment mark? Post it here :)
  10. Misturi

    Math-o-magic Computer Tutor

    Does anyone here have this very annoying program? I was asked recently in Penrith Plaza if l had heard about it - l told the guy "who hasn't? its everywhere." He then asked me if l had any kids who would benefit from this program (l was with my male best friend at the time) and l was quite...
  11. Misturi

    How do you Study?

    How do you study for general maths? I normally go through past papers, trials and other papers my tutor has given me. If l don't know what it is asking me, l go to my textbook and look. If nothing comes form that l then ask my teacher. I sit in exam conditions and l have found that for...
  12. Misturi


    Its a bit early, but does anyone if they have recieved Dux of their school? What does your school base the dux on?
  13. Misturi

    What are you studying for the HSC?

    Are there any specific areas you will be studying more than others?
  14. Misturi


    I was just wondering what electives people do for hospitality..?
  15. Misturi

    Hospitality Notes

    Here are two topics l have made notes on - "Develop and up to date Hospitality Knowledge" and "Follow Health, Safety and Security Procedures" Hope that they are alright, if you find a mistake, please pm me and let me know.
  16. Misturi

    Are we behind?

    I was wondering if anyone else has not finished the general maths course. We have one chapter left...linear modelling. My tutor told me on friday that we should be well and truely finished... Does anyone else have any chapters left?
  17. Misturi

    Group Memberships

    I saw this in my profile yesterday..it has group memberships...what does this mean and how do l join some? Are they similar to joining threads?
  18. Misturi

    Amount of Assessments in one week?

    Is there a limit? Can the teachers give us as many assessments as they want in a week? The past week, l had three assessments, which was nothing compared to a couple of people at my school who had five due last week. Can this happen? The assessments were given in advance, some bigger than...
  19. Misturi

    Respresentation Task - Frontline

    I have an assessment task which is a representation task on Frontline. I am supposed to chose texts which provide a variety of representations of that event, personality or situation. These texts are to be drawn from a variety of sources, in a range of genres and media. I have chosen the...
  20. Misturi

    Assessment Task - Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Hey all, I was given an assessment today and l have to design an information pamphlet or poster on hormone replacement therapy for people who have difficulty or who are unable to maintain their appropriate water and salt levels in their blood. I have to concentrate on the role of...