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  1. ssssonicyouth

    the chameleons appreciation thread

    liam gallagher is really into this band, he quoted them when he was accepting a music award once you can't really see it in oasis's songs hey
  2. ssssonicyouth

    Big Day Out 05

    * cries *
  3. ssssonicyouth

    TOP 5's

    yeah i saw the ad today they're kind of shit now that stuart whatshisname doesn't do vocals on all the tracks anymore :( hopefully they'll play some stuff from sinister and the boy w/arab strap
  4. ssssonicyouth

    TOP 5's

    don't hate the player- hate the game
  5. ssssonicyouth

    TOP 5's

    top 5 shows i'll go to this year (i'm guessing) 1. grandaddy 2. sonic youth 3. franz ferdinand 4. radiohead 5. four tet
  6. ssssonicyouth

    sonic youth

    i have my chem final at 8:45 the next morning :( it'll still kick ass though
  7. ssssonicyouth

    Review something

    no :(
  8. ssssonicyouth

    TOP 5's

    top five astronauts 1.leika the dog 2. homer 3. neil armstrong 4. buzz aldrin 5. some other guy
  9. ssssonicyouth

    sonic youth

    i am :)
  10. ssssonicyouth

    LAWS1052 in-class test

    oh my god i was going to highlight a bit of stuff on the case and leave it at that *cries*
  11. ssssonicyouth

    Someone estimate my scaled marks please!!!!

    hahahaha you're such a fucker keypad- you know full well that raw marks don't resemble aligned ones and a lot of those subjects would be in band six i'd say ~97? i didn't really look too hard edit: i remember last year someone was given a prediction 90-93 and they got 99 and a half, so be...
  12. ssssonicyouth

    Who listens to asian music?

  13. ssssonicyouth

    sonic youth

  14. ssssonicyouth


    nice work keats
  15. ssssonicyouth

    TOP 5's

    four rooms is a comedy with him, robert rodreguiez and 2 other people directing a quater each he directed the fourth room- check it out, it's reasonably good they have a knife 'as sharp as the devil himself' :p
  16. ssssonicyouth

    BOS Showcase: 2003 Major Works

    i didn't include a bibliography and got 48, apparently they aren't 100% necessary so many people make up bullshit bibliographies anyway- i have a feeling that teachers see them and go 'wow, you looked up a keyword at state library and wrote down the entire library catalogue, good for you'...
  17. ssssonicyouth

    BOS Showcase: 2003 Major Works

    one aligned mark can actually be two or three normal ones :) don't bother yourself about it it's better to have the motivation to write a novel than end up being 'that guy who got 50/50 in some english thing'
  18. ssssonicyouth

    possible questions for BNW/BR

    if that was on the paper i wouldn't have got what i got
  19. ssssonicyouth

    who finks foundations of law = extremely boring

    erm .. .... . ... IF YOU DROP OUT I'LL HAVE LESS COMPETITION- GIVE UP NOW!!!! YAYAY!!! edit: we're not doing much in foundations that you'll actually be doing as a lawyer, so don't fret. A lot of the history doesn't matter all that much, and maybe you're the sort of person who doesn't like...