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  1. Fortify

    Question on Exam period.

    I was just wandering, during the exam period: Would it be similiar to the HSC where we get a exam timetable?
  2. Fortify

    STAT results - Dec 5th Test.

    I sat the STAT test on December 5th. I still haven't got my results. Has anyone got theirs who sat on this day?
  3. Fortify

    Flying alone.

    I'll be flying alone for the first time on Friday evening. Kinda Nervous. Any tips ?
  4. Fortify


    I was wondering what food would contain good sources of protein, I don't really wanna drink protein shakes or eat protein bars. All I know it beef and eggs =/ Thanks.
  5. Fortify

    Digital slr camera.

    What's a nice, relatively affordable/cheap Digital SLR camera you would recommend ?
  6. Fortify

    Foam Earbuds; Where to buy?

    I was wondering where I could buy foam earbuds like the ones displayed below.
  7. Fortify

    Exam Tips

    I found these lying around my email so I decided to post it onto here. These are all by TSFX.
  8. Fortify


    So is anyone else screwed for the Engineering exam? Is it me or is it that most engineering studies teachers are dodgey =/
  9. Fortify


    I'm feeling really sick and I have my Physics HSC exam tomorrow. My doctor says I might have the flu and he has prescribed me Tamiflu. I was wondering, if I do sit the exam tomorrow, can I apply for Special Consideration and also how would I do it ? Thanks.
  10. Fortify

    2001 HSC Question.

    For ONE specific metal, evaluate the steps that can be used to clean, stabilise and preserve artefacts recovered from shipwrecks. Let's use Iron . Can anyone help me out ?
  11. Fortify

    Starcraft 2 Battle Report III

    ST7EK6Y5kkU cjIHiaIzuZw
  12. Fortify

    Binomial Theorem

    1 scoring strike in every 3 balls over 6 balls; what is the probability that: (i) 2 scoring strikes in a given 6 ball over. (ii)In 100 over how many likely overs with 2 scoring strikes. Thank.
  13. Fortify

    Past HSC/Trial Papers Printing.

    I'm not a big fan of doing past HSC/Trial papers on computer. So I was wondering where I can get cheap printing?
  14. Fortify

    Inverse Trig Question:

    Prove that: Sin^-1 x = Cos ^-1 sqrt (1-x^2) for 0 <= x <= 1
  15. Fortify

    Curve Sketching;

    I'm really bad at curve sketching; can someone help me sketch these on the same plane? (x-3)^2+(y-3)^2=6 (x-10)^2+(y-3)^2=6 y=(-(x-3)) (x-10)
  16. Fortify

    Inverse Trig Question.

    Prove: tan^-1 (1/4) + tan^-1 (3/5) = pi/4
  17. Fortify

    USYD: Medicine and Dentistry Information Evening

    Medicine and Dentistry Information Evening - Future students - Faculty of Medicine - The University of Sydney So who's going ?
  18. Fortify

    Descriptive statistics and selected percentiles for HSC marks and scaled marks

    I found this on the UAC website; it shows the HSC and scaled marks for most subjects: Hope is helps !
  19. Fortify

    Korean Love; How Korean boy got the Korean girl.

    YouTube - KOREAN HISTORY CHANNEL: Happy Valentines Day 'History of Korean Valentines day'
  20. Fortify

    Big Bang & 2Ne1 - Lollipop

    YouTube - Big Bang & 2NE1 - Lollipop MV (english subbed) So, what does everyone think of it ? :9