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    Circular motion

    The net force is perpendicular to the velocity at any moment. So the net force is pulling and continually changing the velocity (by changing the velocity's direction) creating a clockwise or anti-clockwise circular motion. So basically the net force may be aimed at the centre, but the changing...
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    Series prerequisite for Proof by induction?

    Hi guys! I'm very aware this sounds like a noob question but are series and sequences (such as arithmetic or geometric) required to be already learnt, for a student to be able to learn proof by induction?
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    Welcome back to AKONS' guide to succeeding in business studies. Thanks to everyone for being so patient and waited for a second post to be released. Well here it finally is. Off we go! 2.0 EXAM The business studies exam is best to be tackled in sections. You should finish and check a section...
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    Possibility of 92+ without notes

    G'day everyone I've been tossing up a thought in my head recently about economics. Is it possible to just not write your own notes, and instead use another individual's notes (for quick study and then go straight into practice questions) and still get a HSC mark of 92+? I'm really hesitant to...
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    What are the Parts of the Economics Exam?

    Thank you so much for your response Zacharia Villegas! The 2 essays you mentioned that are needed to be completed, is there any difference between them?
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    What are the Parts of the Economics Exam?

    G'day guys I just had a question about what exactly the HSC economics exam is like. What are the individual sections and how are they different from other sections of the economics exam? Thanks in advance!
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    A 95+ in Economics

    G'day everyone Does anyone know how hard it is to get a 95+ in economics compared to other subjects, such as business studies? I'm just wondering if it's even possible to achieve 95+ without completely focusing on economics and abandoning my other subjects.
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    Welcome to AKONS' guide to succeeding in the Business Studies HSC course. I had a lot of trouble when I first started business, but with these lessons I learnt I quickly improved and ending up succeeding in a subject I was once unconfident in. QUALIFICATIONS To start of with I'd just like to...
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    Percent in the State

    Thank you guys!
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    Percent in the State

    G'day everyone! I just have a question about HSC results. I got a HSC result of 96. What percentage in the state would I be? If it helps, this mark was in business studies. Thanks in advance!
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    After our results have been moderated and scaled is a final HSC mark of 90 for business studies equal to a mark of 90 in another subject (eg. Physics)? Or even a 95 in business is equal to a 95 in another subject?
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    Economics HSC questions sorted by topic

    G'day everyone! Does anyone know where to find HSC questions, for economics, that are sorted by topic? Thanks in advance😁
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    Is this a good mix for EX2 Math. Cambridge for the theory/explanations and then using Fitzpatrick for their questions?
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    rankings in school

    Sorry I'm not an orange mate :/
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    rankings in school

    Check HSC Ninja. It tells you how many band 6s your school has had in each subject and thus what ranks you should be aiming for. If you want a 99.5, I assume you'd have to be in the top half of those band 6s.
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    Operation Strategies - Quality control and Quality assurance

    Control is reactive, inspections to see if there are any flaws after production. Assurance is proactive, ensuring inputs and machinery are of a high enough quality/standard that the chance of defects to occur is reduced.
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    The answer should be D. The longest path is ABCD at 7 days (including day after D). The path ABEF is shorter but also reaches D. So by the time path ABCD is done, so should the tasks E and F as well, as they are conducted simultaneously.
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    High atar with only 10 units??

    There are a few factors that can affect your exam score. You could study a large amount, but a degree of luck is needed in terms of the exam questions given on the day of the HSC. Do they match your strengths or weaknesses? Maybe you were sleepy and made silly mistakes. The list goes on. It's...
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    The Effect of Travel Time on ATAR

    This may be a gift in disguise. I have a 10 minute travel time via car and a very interrupted 40 minute journey to school if I went without a car (combination of train, bus and walking). So basically I don't have sufficient or stable time to study or do practice questions. If you're travelling...
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    NESA going Easy?

    With this year being so disruptive with COVID-19, I've heard a lot of people saying NESA has been giving easy HSC exams this year to compensate. What do you guys think? Is that true?