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    Easy qn2

    Since i^2=-1, therefore, i=(+/-)sqrt(-1). Becareful, it's wrong!
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    Easy qn

    There are two questions; find the square roots of 3+4i and find sqrt(3+4i). Do u think the solutions are same?
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    There are two six letters: two A's, two B's, one C and one D. How many arrangements if two A's and two B's cannot be next to each other? Good luck!
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    Hi. guys: Try this question. There are five letters, two A's, B, C & D. How many arrangements if two A's cannot be next to each other and B cannot be first. Good luck!
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    Any harder question?

    Hi, everyone If u got any hard question. u can post here. I am sure that I can help u and send whole solution to your email. Trust me!
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    The solution of complex number

    (x+iy)^2=3-4i=(2-i)^2 Therefore: x+iy=(+/-) (2-i)
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    Solve the complex number_best way

    Qusetion: Hi, friends! Try this question. Find x and y is (x+iy)^2=3-4i where x and y are real number? The best solution is posted on "The solution of complex number". I wish it will save u a lots of time and get right answer without any mistakes. Enjoy!
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    Looking for friends

    I am looking for more friends who are like 4U maths. If u got some harder question, pls, send to me! If u need help, contact me! Tnanx!
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    A biased coin, the probability of the head for a toss is p, where p not equal to 0.5 and 0<p<1, is tossed ten times. Q1) Find the probability for exact two heads Q2)Find the probability for exactly consecutive two heads only Do u want more, call 0413 197 399
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    I want inequality questons

    Maths Ext2 I need more inequality question!:o