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    Not enough room?

    i read somewhere that the amount of lines allocated is how much the markers expect you to write, but i went from the very edge of one side to the very edge of the other side.. who needs margins? lol. there was like a 6 mark question with like 4 lines, I thought that was pretty stupid!! :)
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    Rate the exam

    i thought it was pretty easy, I was done in hour n a half, everyone else was done by two hours! the thing I found weird was there were hardly any plant questions, it was all animals and like genetically modifying stuff... which i have no problem with i just found it weird
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    yeah thats pretty much what I wrote, expended it a lot though... I luved that question! I wrote like three pages on it alone, the last one was a bit basic, but overall the option was good i thought!
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    What im glad they DIDNT test

    yep so stoked that batteries weren't in there, and the ions testing... cause I could never remember either of those!!!
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    GRRRRRRR-no big CFC questions

    yeah I was stoked with the haber process question, but a big CFC question woulda been heaps better then some of the other crap they had in there!! I thought it was weird there were so many 5-7 mark questions, I woulda thought they would be mostly 3, 4 markers... Oh well... who cares now hey?
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    Ratio Boy To Girl In Chem

    we had one class of 8, 6 boys, 2 girls. at the start of year 11 there were 6 girls, 9 boys. but all the derros dropped out so it was all good.. :D
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    incorrect dimension in second drawing question ?

    yep me too... i didn't have a compass to start with, but aren't all drawings supposed to be freehand anywayz!? ohwells, i thought that one was better then the first one.. mine just sucked
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    I think I failed.

    Well, i just expected it to be hard after going over past papers, and I usually suck at the calculations anywayz, but overall I thought it was reasonably good... as Adam said u just crap on about stuff you know.. but I guess i will just wait and see results as to whether it was actually hard...
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    Multiple Choice

    1A 2D 3C 4B ? 5B ? 6B ? 7D 8C? 9D ? 10 A or C (can't remember... one of them! as u can see most of mine were guesses!! But looking at everyone elses mine were pretty close to what everyone else got.. I only did the FBD for the last question, didn't have a clue about calculations...
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    Welcome to the Faculty of Engg and Built Env

    Hey thanx guys, I tried to reply earlier but BoS site wasn't working on my puta. plus studying for exams and everything... :) I'm pretty confident I should get into engineering coz exams went well, so thanx for the advice coz I was worried about the physics aspect.. :uhhuh:
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    Do u believe HSC markers are .....

    damn well hope not... mine just keep getting worse as the essays went on!!! I feel sorry for anyone marking mine!!! :uhhuh:
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    Question 3 c

    damn, now I've read ur answers I think I did mine wrong... oops... u gotta hate that!!! but who cares its all over now!!!!
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    Estimate your mark:

    I'm a 2/3 unit n I think about 55-60% coz I fuked up the last Question and Q6 was a bit of a poor effort... but the rest was fine! I thought it was easier then the trial... but I guess I had a hangover for the trial... :lol:
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    reason for difficulty....

    i heard something about making the exams harder so not as many ppl get into uni or something retarded like that!! and apart from Q6 and 7 i think the rest was pretty easy
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    4 unit EASIER than 2 unit

    I was wondering that too... fingers crossed that 3 unit it easy :) please God... I do 3 unit, and I found question 10 bloody impossible... and Q9 was a toughy but all together it wasn't too bad at the start...
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    lets have a bitch about the exam!

    I heard on the radio this morning that all maths teachers have said this years paper was the hardest yet! How much does that suck???!!!! Does that mean everyone will go shit and scaling wont be quite as nice???? As for the fish.. I agree with spark that the friggin fish can go drown!! And...
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    Welcome to the Faculty of Engg and Built Env

    cool.. well, I am just a bit worried coz I haven't actually taken physics for the HSC.... but I am doing Engineering Studies, Chem and 3 unit maths.... so I thought I'd at least know the basics from doing engineering already? otherwise I will just have to work my butt off to get it all sorted...
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    Rosencrantz n Guildenstern Are Dead!!!!

    ok... now u r all confusing me even more..... im gonna fail..... :burn:
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    Rosencrantz n Guildenstern Are Dead!!!!

    hey thanx everyone for kinda clearing up the context issue... it will help me a hell of a lot now I understand it a bit better!! :uhhuh: I will go have to put this stuff into my notes... :read:
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    What's the best thing to eat for breakfast on an exam day??

    I think I'd go for toast n a hot milo.... mmmm it takes too much effort to make eggs!!! I think I wake up too late to bother maing anything fancy!!! ;) I guess I could just drive faster to the exam??? :)