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    Sydney Clubs and Hotels

    Hey, For my 21st I want to get about 10 friends together and get a hotel room in Sydney. We will just dump our stuff there on Saturday day and maybe go back after dinner and then crash there after we go clubbing so it doesn't have to be very good (just clean etc). Since there will be 10 of us...
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    Trance recommendations

    Hi, I went to a club where they were playing trance the other night and really liked it. Can anyone recommened some trance albums/compilations that I should check out. They don't have to be recent releases but just some CDs that every trance fan must have. Thanks.
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    TAFE to Uni in an unrelated field

    Hi, this semester I'm doing my cert. III in IT and in second semester I'll be doing my cert. IV (in either networking, web design or programming). Does anyone know if it'd be possible to transfer to uni after second (ie next year) semester into something not computer related (BA or some...
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    What course are you doing 06?

    What courses and which TAFEs are you all going to? I'm doing Cert III IT (General) at Ourimbah TAFE. I'll be doing a Cert IV in second simester and then a Diploma in 07, hopefully.
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    Am I the only one?

    Am I the only person to make the honour roll and fail the HSC? I knew I'd failed before the exams cause I only passed four subjects (8 units) during the year. Admitably the band 6 was for IT and 91 but still I do wonder if anyone else has done this before. I was so close with general maths too...
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    Arts > Software Engineering/Computer Science

    I'm in year 12 at the moment and am doing general maths (my school doesn't have 2 unit). Would it be possible for me to get into a BA at NSW and then transfer to SE or CS? I was looking at the first year program for SE and can see all the subjects you can do but I can't find a list of what...
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    General or 2 Unit maths.

    Hi my subjects at the moment are Std. English, Modern History, 2 Unit Maths, Physics, and IT. I'm aiming for a UAI of 90. I slacked off a lot in school from years 8 - 11, this has really affected my maths marks (the rest of my subjects seem fine as you don't need previous knowledge, IMO). I did...
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    Projectile motion Q

    Hi. I have a projectile motion question I am having trouble with. 1. A tennis player tosses the ball into the air to serve. It takes 2.2s between tossing and serving. Assume that the racquet strikes the ball at the same height from which it was tossed. a) calculate the speed with which the...
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    Expanding Question.

    Hi this question is really bugging me. Write each expression as a product of three factors L) ax<sup>2</sup> - a - 2x<sup>2</sup> + 2 = a(x<sup>2</sup> - 1) - 2(x<sup>2</sup> - 1) = (a - 2)(x<sup>2</sup> - 1) = (x - 1)(x + 1)(a - 2) This answer is correct but when I expand it out...
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    Petals around the rose - a game.

    Has anyone done this before? I did and it took me about 30 - 45 minutes to work out. Some people say the better you are at maths the harder it is to work out. Anyway here is an online version I found, tell us if you solve it but remember not to give it away...
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    My Favourite Book (on the ABC just then)

    I'm not much of a reader myself but of those that I have read I do agree that they should be in the top 10. I've read 1984, Catch 22 and To Kill a Mockingbird. I was surprised at the Bible being there as I don't really see it as a book (for some strange reason). The only book in the top ten that...
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    Post your desktop screenshot.

    I thought it might be interesting to see what other people are running (and their themes etc.) so post up your shots. I'm running Debian Linux and the window manager is Fluxbox, my theme is Sid Combination and the wallpaper is a slightly modified Splendid Illusion...
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    Physics HSC Study Guides & Textbooks

    Hi, I know this is an open ended question but what is the best physics textbook? I'm going to be doing physics by distance ed. so one with good explanations would be good. Than you in advance.
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    Is it bad....

    Is it bad to make mistakes in maths? I mean when I'm doing an exercise out of a textbook I'll do a question check the answer and 35% of the time it's wrong, I then go back and do it again and about 5% of the time it's wrong again. I usually have it right by the third go. I'm guessing this is bad...
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    Info on distance ed. maths

    Hi, first time poster :) Has anyone here ever done 2 Unit by distance education? I'm going to start year 12 2 Unit in term 4 and was looking for some info. 1) Does the distance education course have a recommended textbook (the course structure might follow that textbook)? 1a) If yes -...