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    Any notes on the high court of Australia WITH referencing? plz give them to me!
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    Yes, exactly that. I'm wondering if there's any way I can check if my offer has been properly accepted. I know that I might be able to ring the uni and ask but is there any other 'formal' way? Tanx.
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    How is it like @ WS?

    I might be forced to do my arts degree at uws :( Just wondering how it's like? I think il be at the parra campus.
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    B Journalism

    Any one apply for this course? What'd u think of the exam? I thought it was a shit hole to be honest lol. BTW i did mine in dec, the 2nd exam.
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    attn: CURRENT uni students

    I wish to do communication and media (journalism) at UOW but fell short 15 points in my UAI so this is my dilemma.. Should i try for B Arts majoring in media and then try for an internal transfer after a year or what ever OR go to tafe and do comm and media there and then try to transfer after a...
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    Plz Hellpppp

    Hey so i think i'll do fair good in my four other courses (adv eng, legal, S&C, PDHPE) but my gen maths marks average 50! Seriously, i have the worst teacher ever and it completely ruined my motivation as well as around 45 other students! If i get an average of high 70s for my four subjects but...