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    Official UAI Results

    I got 49 in ext history right.. i don't understand how they do the state places like how do they distinguish between the tens of people who got 49? i got 99 in latin and still didn't crack a state place :( big congrats to alex borowsky!!!! you are officially a freak UAI: 99.5
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    General Thoughts - CAFS Exam 2007

    Re: general thoughts hah i wish i could understand the scaling system. I do Individuals and Work too but unfortunately I think I wrote too much about the changing work patterns and not enough about social factors and I wrote mostly about gender, damn! I thought Groups were actually really...
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    Tempest and the process of speculation

    we've just started looking at the tempest too. so far the main things we've extracted are the concept of 'controlled destiny', the emphasis on sleep, music, dreams, art; the juxtaposition of Ariel and Caliban and what they represent and the presence of heaps and heaps of binary opposites. We...