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    Is two discovery creative pieces wise ?

    Hi all, Quick question, my teacher recommends that we have two different creative pieces to best adapt to the stimulus. But quite frankly, I'm terrible and writing and i only have one solid creative i'd like to build off and improve for the HSC. What do you guys think, is one creative...
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    Related Text on Nazi Germany?

    Hi all, does anyone know of or have any recommendations/advice on related text material for People and Politics. I'm looking for a related text that encapsulates Nazi Germany, partnered with the personalities of Adolf Hitler and Albert Speer. Specifically, i need a text that explores the...
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    Albert Speer part b question help please!!

    Hi everyone, does anyone have any tips on structuring a response to this question: “People shape the events of their time more than events shape them.” How accurate is this statement in relation to Albert Speer? This is my plan so far.. SPEER SHAPES EVENTS: - Joining the Nazi...
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    Prelim vs hsc

    Hi everyone, i was one of those people that transferred from advanced maths to general. However, i was wondering how well must you know the prelim work in detail in order to be able to succeed in the HSC general course and score well in the trial and HSC exams? Is all prelim work tested...
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    Discovery creative writing, is this idea too violent?

    Hi, i'm in the process of planning a short creative however need an opinion if it is rather too violent for the HSC. Basically the story is a discovery prompting the confronting memories of world war 1. These memories include trench life, writing a diary entry and the death of his brother. With...
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    Hsc legal 2018

    Hey everyone, As a legal studies student i can say it is definitely one of my favourite subjects, however it is being a little bit difficult at the moment. As a write up my notes for the crime topic i am stuck with one of the syllabus dot points under Sentencing and Punishment. "Evaluate the...