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    Hey, I'd love to purchase the Tell Tale Heart/Tempest notes.

    Hey, I'd love to purchase the Tell Tale Heart/Tempest notes.
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    Selling: 2015 'DISCOVERY' notes! + related text notes!

    Also want to buy Tempest and Tell Tale Heart
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    Can we get tested on Preliminary Content in HSC?

    Hey guys :) I know that Preliminary work is assumed knowledge, but can we be directly tested on any of our preliminary modules? Thanks!
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    How much of Preliminary Content is covered in the SDD HSC exam?

    Its assumed that we have an understanding of everything in Prelims, however are we directly assessed on any of it for our HSC? Thanks!
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    Roll Call: Class of 2016

    Im Eden :) 4 unit math, Adv English, Physics, Sor1 and SDD
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    How far ahead should you get in Year 11, and what is the best way of doing so?

    Hey guys, how far should you be trying to get ahead in year 11? Should you be attempting to get grips on HSC material while in the preliminry course? Thanks for any input :)
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    How much does school ranking impact on ATAR?

    Hey guys! I am about to enter into year 11, and although I understand how subject scaling works, I am still rather confused about the way a school cohort can impact, and how much. I attend a school that is not high in rankings, siting around 300 mark in 2014. I really enjoy studying, and I...