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    Showcasing our major works

    Hey everyone Can we put our works on the site? If so, when can we do it? Good luck to everybody!
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    Pictures in your stories

    Are you able to include pictures or diagrams in your stories? Because I have seen some in the showcase that have basic pictures, but I want to know how far we can go with pictures in our major works.
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    Internal marks dont count?

    My teacher keeps telling us that our internal marks don't count towards our overall marks, not even ranks, only the external marks do. Is this true? Because I cant see how they can mark something that is not yet finished, or in the case of ranks, give you some other persons marks. But in...
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    Getting Better in internal assessments

    I have been getting really good marks and ranks in the majority of my subjects, but I am worried about my Trials and the actual HSC, as I got low marks in my Half Yearlys. English Adv Rank: 1/29 Mark: 93%, 92% Half yearly mark 78% English Ext 1 Rank: 1/7...