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    UWA vs Uni of Melbourne in (B Commerce majoring in Accounting )

    Hi, can anyone give me some advice and suggestion ? I am planning to do bachelor of commerce majoring in accounting. Which one is better ? Although uni of melbourne is more prestige anf higher ranking, ranking high means teaching quality also very good? What are the differences betweeen UWA and...
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    BACHELOR of Commerce Majoring in Accounting

    Anyone who do/did bachelor of commerce majoring in accounting in Uni of Melbourne ? I knew that Uni of melbourne is the most prestige in commerce and ranking in commerce is high ranking high means teaching quality and overall experience also very good ? Can anyone give me some advice...
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    Dilemma in choosing uni

    Hi, I am currently in dilemma. I have got offered from 4 Universities : 1) UNI of Melbourne 2) UNI of Adelaide 3) UNI of Western Australia 4) ANU I am planning to take Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting Can anyone (especially students who are currently study in these uni...