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    Projectile Energy Multiple Choice

    energy is constant, like Xayma said because of the Law of Conservation of Energy, however acceleration is not constant as the projectile moves away from Earth and the acceleration due to gravity is slightly less than 9.8 at the peak.
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    Reading Time

    Are we allowed to use calculators in reading time for science and mathematics exams?
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    Could you guys give me an U.A.I. prediction based on the following results: Subject Mark Rank. Mathematics 2unit 75 40/80. Economics 76 25/42. Legal Studies 72 20/25. Modern History 80 26/50. English (Advanced) 80...
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    yes, plus or minus one arc second.
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    integration: partial fractions question

    integrate xsecxtanx by parts by letting u=x, v'=secxtanx u'=1, v=secx thus integration of xsecxtanx.dx = xsecx - integration of secx.dx...
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    Medicine Interviews

    Does anyone know what sort of questions they ask at Medicine Interviews ?
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    Why do people say it is better too do 12 or more units than 10 units how is it risky to do 10 units ?