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    fictocriticism, autoethnography & other critical responses!

    hi! my first draft is due in ten days and i've only written 300 words. i'm panicking. i just found out about autoethnography. anyone have any advice? i thought i had my purpose fully fleshed out but critical is harder than i thought; please let me know if you can help me :)
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    help please! bio mod 5 :)

    heyy guys !! i have my bio mod 5 exam tomorrow and i have 0 clue what type of questions are asked! i go to a top 20 school if that helps it's all of reproduction and the first dotpoint of dna. if you have any resources please help me out <3 thank you !!
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    exam weightings advice hsc exam block 1

    hey!! im doing 4u eng 3u math bio eco if out of 80 students in bio i come like top 30-40, but obvi not top 20, would that jeopardise my chance of getting an 85+ in my HSC? its a 15% weighting (10% processing 5% knowledge) and i haven't studied much - it's this friday :o i go to a top 20...
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    URGENT - PLEASE HELP: eco hsc exam 1!!

    hey guys !!! i have my first hsc exam block starting thursday, and i have economics - 20% weighting (and biology) on friday 9am :o i'm not the best at economics, ESPECIALLY when it comes to essays (it's the opposite of english and english is my life !!) and i still haven't finished hsc topic 1...
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    URGENT PLEASE !!! Dobson Related Text

    Plssss !! I have a draft due tomorrow :(( im thinking of doing deaf poets society. going for a philosophical approach any advice? x
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    Rosemary Dobson Related Texts?

    not so much preliminary but since there isn't a hsc 2021 forum i'm posting here ! i am thinking of doing an existensial analysis (sartre!!) for dobson. what film would be a good related text? + any other advice <3 thank youu :)
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    one week until year 12!

    hey ! sorry if i posted on the wrong forum, but what should i be doing in the lead up to year 12?? i have all of my holiday hw done, and i'm in the midst of reading my texts for adv and ext eng. i also need to finish up my notes from prelims, but is there anything else?? ALSO, are *********...
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    the effects of procrastinating prelims

    i'm typing this as i cram economics and biology sjkdhekfjhs biggest regret so pls do NOT procrastinate fr!! im so tired and im cramming topic 4-6 of eco and a prac essay + bio mod 3,4. goodluck to everyone else!!
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    one week until prelims! advice please <3

    hey! so basically prelims are in a week (😭) and i haven't exactly made all of my notes... i'm usually on top of my work but i've been focusing on 2u eng, 3u eng and my 4u audition piece that i haven't done three topics of eco, two modules of bio and i don't think i need math notes,, just...
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    one month until prelims!

    hey guys! the title says it all :o my subjects are; ext math ext eng adv eng bio phys eco how do i study for these subjects? i really enjoy eng but im panicking ab memorising quotes for adv/ext (othello/brave new world/bladerunner) any advice would be great xx good luck!!
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    how do i study for adv eng; othello prelim exam?

    hey! i have my othello exam in three weeks for prelims! how do i study for the essay? do i memorise quotes and like TEE stuff? critical paradigms? thank you :)
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    failed adv and ext math :(

    hey guys, i just moved to a selective school this year and w covid and all that stuff, math has me falling behind :( i used to always come top 5 in my old school for year 10 5.3 math but now i got my results and they are horrific. i got 35% for advanced and 18% for extension 😭😭 my teacher is...
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    i'm in a slump !

    i moved from a low ranked selective school to a top 20 one this year,, and i'm not coping i used to be at least top 5-10 for everything at my old school and my ranks are so bad now im doing both ext, bio, phys, eco. im dropping phys (coming bottom half for it) and my ranks for bio are okay...
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    [URGENT] Extension 2 in Year 12?

    Hey! So I'm in my second term of year 11 and I really love English! I always wanted to do extension 2 English (current subjects: bio, phys, eco, both ext) and my school is making me do an audition(?) piece where I have to do a 3000-word major work due around 20 September I asked my tutor and...
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    visual arts year 11

    hey! im doing VA next year and since i'm moving to a new school, idk what to buy. can anybody help? thanks!! also, should i use a laptop for in class notes in VA or..?
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    year 11; organisation

    hey guys! how do you recommend i organise for eco? should i use a laptop, book, etc? thank you!!