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    Post grad medicine

    Generally speaking how possible is it to gain entry into a post-grad medicine degree at uni without a science degree?
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    2 films as related texts

    Hi there, I just wanted to ask what the dangers would be if one was to use two films as a related text. Does the marking centre devalue your essay or do they deduct marks. If there's someone out there that's used two films as a related texts could you please reply :) thank you
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    Help with essay question

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    Belonging speech confusion

    Hello there, I got given a sample essay question relating to belonging. The question was based upon how circumstance shapes ones sense of belonging, what points should I cover or what things should I include if I'm doing the simple gift and good will hunting? cause I'm kinda confused with the...
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    postgraduate medicine.

    Um well I'm considering doing it however I heard you need to complete the GAMSAT test or something like that which involves I believe english, biology, and physics. I'm doing all the subjects but physics so how do I work around this?