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    making notes

    just wondering what's the best way to make notes for bus? currently making notes using business in action textbook not rlly making direct syllabus dot point notes should I do that as well or simple business in action notes will suffice?
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    how many hours of sleep to function?

    prelim: 8-10 hours w/exception of all-nighters and before assessments and such, (8-10h i've been told is good for prelim). hsc: ??? how many hours did eveyone sleep during prelim and hsc?
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    bonded or unbonded

    What does it mean to be bonded or unbonded?
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    yo can someone show the wrking out for the following questions a student was given a sample of 2.3g of the compound NO2. How many: - atoms were in the sample provided (answer: 9.0 x 10^22 atoms) - atoms of oxygen were in the sample provided (answer: 6.0 x 10^22 atoms) - moles of oxygen were in...
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    business studies

    how difficult is it to b6 (~95+) in business?
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    rate question

    A swimming pool can be filled in 36 hours using a garden hose and in 24 hours using a large diameter hose. Assuming that the flow rates through each hose are unaffected by the use of the other, how long will it take to fill the pool using both hoses at the same time?