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    How do u become a babysitter?

    I'm interested in becoming a babysitter for infants as a part-time job. Just wondering, besides the obvious requirements like loving kids and stuff, is there anything else I would have to do to become an infant babysitter? Like babysitting course???? Who has done it and how much do you get...
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    Where can I find a competent QMA tutor?

    I'm having big problems with the tutorial questions now (present value shiz) and I can't understand my tutor! Where can I get a tutor who can help me one hour a week? Thanks heaps! PS: i know of pitstop and pass, but I really do need 1 to 1 help!
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    Cheapest bus route?

    I'm a newbie from Melbourne and will be living in Avoca St, Randwick. THe bus routes I can take are 359 then 400. However, I totally don't get the pricing, section information on the website. If I use two buses that are very close to one another (eg, switching buses), is it considered a section...
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    Branded as "stupid" in law school?

    So, I'm doing full-fee law at unsw. I had really severe health problems last year therefore I didn't do my best in hsc/vce! Seeing that uni is about to start soon, peeps will definitely ask "what's your uai", "are you doing hecs?", "what school did you go to?" People tend to be judgemental and...
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    Are these books on 2007 booklist NEEDED??

    On the 2007 booklist, these books are not labelled as "prescribed" nor"recommended". Instead they are labelled as "value pack" or "course note". So do I still need these books???? Labelled as "coursenote" Title: FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING 3E + SUPPLEMENT 2EAuthor: TROTMANPublisher: THOMSON...
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    What's the link to change email addresses for 1st yrs?

    I'd like to change my unsw email address from my student ID to something more conventional. Can anyone provide the link? Can't seem to find it on the search engine. Thanks!
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    where the hell is...

    LAWS1052 Tutorial Law 111, Computer Lab?? Does that mean the computer lab 111 in the law building?
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    Comm/Law + Language POSSIBLE??

    Hi, after studying chinese in high school for 5 long years, it would be a pity to be to give it up. So would it be possible to include a language as a co-major in my degree? I don't want to do a diploma, waste of 1 precious year...
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    are these the right classes for 1st yr finance???

    i decided to change majors today from acct to finance, anyhoo, are these the right FIRST YEAR classes for finance? same as the acct ones?? ACCT1501Accounting and Financial Management 1A ECON1101Microeconomics 1 ECON1202Quantitative Methods A thanks! we only get to specialise in finance in...
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    WHERE IN THE WORLD IS "my first year enrolment" link

    i decided to change majors, and i can't find the first year enrolment help link where they tell you what courses to do. WHERE THE HELL IS IT? I"VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR AN HOUR! please help!
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    Don't give me the crap that attendance counts!!

    My little rant here, all through years 11 and 12, our vce/hsc advisors have been telling us how important class attendance is, and how we would fail vce/hsc if we don't attend class. For VCE, you must have at least 90% attendance, if not, the school has every right to fail you. The problem...
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    UNSW Asia- your thoughts?

    Hmmm, i just had a peep at the UNSW Asia website, apparently they're going to have all the double degree combos in Singapore. Like Comm/Law, Comm/Eng, Science/Eng blah blah. In a way, I feel really stupid that I'm going to pay AUD $100,000 for my commerce/law degree (no regrets paying the money...
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    when do we get our booklist?

    as above! i know we're suppose to wait for the lecturers to tell us what books are essential but i'm o/seas at the moment, and the books are really cheap here!
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    Masters of Law (LLM at USyd)

    Could anyone help me out on this? I searched for postgrad masters in Law and the number of years required was "Full time: 1-3(L) 1(O), Part time: 2-6(L)" what does (L) and (O) mean? It also said Total number of credit points required for Master of Laws (LLM) (By Coursework) = 48 Eight units...
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    Masters of Law (LLM)??

    Could anyone help me out on this? I searched for postgrad masters in Law and the number of years required was "Full time: 1-3(L) 1(O), Part time: 2-6(L)" what does (L) and (O) mean? It also said Total number of credit points required for Master of Laws (LLM) (By Coursework) = 48 Eight units...
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    Homestay- A good alternative to colleges?

    Since I have to move from melb to syd to start my first year in UNSW, I'm thinking of homestaying with some family. Kinda paranoid about colleges, so has anyone done it? And can recommend any good companies? Thanks!
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    Kensington Campus- WHICH STREETS TO BUY?

    I'll be moving from melb to sydney to do my uni course here.. My dad is thinking of buying a cheap 1/2 bedroom apartment (must be! apartments are saver) for me to live in. Unfortunately im clueless about Sydney, I don't even know whether UNSW is close to the city. So which streets within...
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    HELP ENROLLING COMM- 2 majors possible

    im doing my 1st year of comm/law but i always want to do both accounting and finance. but i just realised i can't. i went to "My First Year Enrolment" and clicked on accounting and got these courses: 1st SEM ACCT1501 Accounting & Financial Mgt 1A ECON1101 Microeconomics 1 ECON1202 Quantitative...
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    UAI of 91.20.. Possible to transfer from DFEE to HECS?

    as above. has anyone ever done it. also I do it for the first year and fail, can I try for the subsequent years? Thanks guys! damn, too late to call the unsw law faculty now!
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    LAW at ANU or UNSW??

    HELP!!- LAW at ANU (hecs) or UNSW (dfee)??? which is better at comm/law-ANU or UNSW? discuss job aspects, law cirrculumm, facilities, people there! thanks! to be more precise, would u rather pay a dfee place at UNSW or hecs place at ANU?