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    Level 2 electives?

    Are there any easy level 2 electives that don't have a prerequisite that isn't within ASB?
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    ECON1101 midsem

    Has anyone done the econ1101 midsem here? How was it? What kind of questions did they ask? I heard mixed things from people so idk what to expect
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    ACCT1501 HW Solutions

    Hey, does any have the ACCT1501 homework solutions from last semester. Would help a lot, thanks!
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    UNSW fees still showing up as owing?

    I applied of HECs but my UNSW Current Liability shows as $4k but I know when I enrolled into my program I am eligible for HECS and applied for it. Is this normal or is there any way I can check if I deferred payment to HECs correctly?? thanks!!
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    MATH1131 Test @ Racecourse but where exactly?

    I have a MATH1131 test tomorrow in the morning it says " Centennial Rm R'wick R'course" yet I don't know where to go exactly? Is there a specific building / place that we are designated to go into?
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    Want to do a mid-year transfer, possible?

    I'm currently doing a Computer Engo first year nearly finished my first sem1. I figured this is not the course for me but it is too late to drop subjects/courses without academic penalty. I want to transfer to a single commerce degree. I got a high enough ATAR for it, so would that be enough to...
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    How interactive will tutorials be?

    Will it be quiet people doing their own thing or more like school? Also heard there may be 20+ yr olds in your first yr classes, does it really make a difference?
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    Is the raw marks db accurate?

    It seems the only way I have a chance to get the atar I need is for the raw db to be correct since all my raw marks are not extremely high. Is there any way they may not be right?