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    HELP for Subject Selections

    Personally, I would do another math-based subject instead of a humanity but the subjects you've chosen are good provided you stay on top of the workload. There's a lot less memorising involved if you just stay on top of it
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    MultiModal help plsplspls

    What are the parameters for the multimodal? Is it about a particular topic?
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    HSC ATAR Yr 11 Subject Selection

    This is a tough situation because obviously, you want to go into two degrees that are quite difficult and require a high atar however you are mostly studying languages (which is good if your good at them) but are looking to drop biology (a subject they'll cover most of in your first term of...
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    Subject Selection HELP!!!!

    Yeah, I'm doing the new physics course right now, it's actually not too different to the last course but there are more maths involved but if you stay on top of it its pretty good, I heard that you guys were getting a new syllabus for maths so I can't help you there but I heard that there are...
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    Is it possible for me to get an 80+ atar please reply

    If you boost your English marks to above 50% you'll be better off but it all depends on where your school is and what type of school you go to. (sad but true)
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    Are these subjects ok???

    Chemistry for year 11 is hard but once you get past it year 12 is a breeze, provided you stay on top of it all you'll do well. Doing more humanities is good as there is more notes online but its all a matter of what you're good at. Also, Investigating is kinda a mess as its a new course...
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    yr 11 subject selection help!

    What subjects are you doing now and which ones are you doing well in?
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    Texts and Human Experiences - 1984

    Some more notes for 1984 texts and human experiences, these ones aren't 100% complete and they don't look pretty but they are filled with good quotes and the specific human experiences. Not exactly a thrilling read though. Also, feel free to message me if you need any help
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    Texts and Human Experiences - 1984 notes

    T & HE notes relating to 1984 just to help some of you out