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  1. Neil_

    Good buy? Cobalt companies?

    Mining boom 2.0? Cobalt? https://finance.yahoo.com/video/battery-boom-drives-vale-sign-002105939.html "The cobalt price smashed all expectations in 2017, soaring 130% and is now at multi-year highs in excess of US$94,000/t." -...
  2. Neil_

    UTS Eng + Diploma Prof. Prac (drop the diploma?)

    I think the diploma in professional practice is stupid.. You gotta find your own internship, it's the equivalent of just doing four years and finding an internship yourself. I wanna spend less years at uni, is there a way I can drop the diploma and just do the regular 4 years?
  3. Neil_

    Q: Senior MC QUESTIONS

    Senior science exam PDF: http://educationstandards.nsw.edu.au/wps/wcm/connect/4c092dad-15ef-47bc-b51e-067727e3150a/2017-hsc-senior-science.pdf?MOD=AJPERES&CACHEID=ROOTWORKSPACE-4c092dad-15ef-47bc-b51e-067727e3150a-lYSZlw0 Can someone tell me what they put and why for multiple choice...
  4. Neil_

    Global Leaders Entry Program for Engineering??

    Hey there, So I was thinking about doing the GLEP scheme for Macquarie Uni. I was wondering what are the chances of making it in. For the 3 Leadership/Extra-curricular activities I plan on adding: - My chess club/comp work - My programming portfolio - In-school fundraising I've done for the...
  5. Neil_

    Flowchart template? Where 2 buy?

    The flowchart (attached). I would like to buy something of that sort, such as the Helix Flowchart. These are allowed in Software Examinations. I have looked everywhere, no luck. Could someone tell me where I can buy one, specifically the place exactly that sells them. Cheers, Neil
  6. Neil_

    Simplify these pH solutions - I don't wanna memorise em

    Regarding 'the effect of pH on enzyme activity', we have to remember how to make those pH solutions (click the above attachment). Is there a method of simplification I can use for an exam? I want 5 test tubes, with pHs 3, 5, 7, 9 and 12. Is there a simple method I can use, something such as...
  7. Neil_

    Discovery short answers?

    How do I maximise my mark in discovery short answers? What are the do's and don'ts?
  8. Neil_

    Discovery Creative - Advice Required

    Hey guys, So I wrote my creative story, and I like it. The discovery punch line is at the end paragraph where the boy realises something that changes him and possibly his life. My teacher said that there are two types of questions that you will get in a discovery creative: - A question...
  9. Neil_

    Discovery Related Help Needed - 'Life of Pi' - Poem preferably.

    Hey all, Just want your suggestions on a few poems. I am doing Life of Pi as my core text. I don't want a book to analyse (I'm a guy who hates to read books). I like reading poems. Could you guys suggest some poems, good ones? Thanks!
  10. Neil_

    Can I pick up a subject offline?

  11. Neil_

    Software Programmer - CS Degree or Engineering Hons Software?

    Software is an fun field for me. I want to know if I need a CS degree or a Engineerings Hons. Software degree in order to work at a top IT-firm? Which do you think will get me there? A CS Degree (3 years) which is considerably easier to get into or an Engineering degree with Hons Software? (4...