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  1. jenslekman

    Yr9-12 maths/physics tutor in shire/stgeorge area

    Hello everyone! I am a dedicated mathematics and physics tutor who is offering tutoring for: - Year 9 & 10 Mathematics - 2U/3U/4U Year 11 & 12 Mathematics - Year 11 & 12 Physics In my first year at the University of Sydney I have achieving a HD average in first year mathematics (excluding...
  2. jenslekman

    Paper 1 vs Paper 2 Weighting

    Not sure if someone has already posted this elsewhere - but what are the exact paper 1 and paper 2 weightings in the hsc?
  3. jenslekman

    Actuarial Studies vs Commerce Degrees?

    Which one would offer more employment opportunities?
  4. jenslekman

    atar guesstimates

    please give guesstimate atars for my imaginary friends. school rank around 20. imaginary friend fred: english adv: 10/120 ext 1 maths: 1/120 ext 2 maths: 5/80 music 2: 1/20 physics: 10/100 imaginary friend jerome: english adv: 40/120 ext 1 maths: 25/120 ext 2 maths: 25/80 chem: 30/80...
  5. jenslekman

    Feature Article for Section II AoS

    where can i find questions for this? - trials or hsc questions :)
  6. jenslekman

    Trial HSC - stressed or not?

    discuss :)
  7. jenslekman

    Life is GOOD

    SO... has anyone heard Nas's new album yet? :)
  8. jenslekman

    Windows to GOOOO

    whos looking forward to windows to go? =D
  9. jenslekman

    The Complete Peanuts

    does anyone else here love the peanuts?
  10. jenslekman

    Anyone have the 2011 English Paper 1 HSC Paper?

    (above) please PM me thanks :)
  11. jenslekman

    Space question

    a load mass M rests on the floor of a lift which is accelearting upwards. the magnitude of the lifts acceleartion is a and the magnitrde of the acceleartion due to gravity is g. What is the magnitude of the resultant force acting on the load when the lift is finally at rest? okay this is a past...
  12. jenslekman

    Listening Test for Advanced English?

    Apparently we have some listening test where you listen and answer questions about belonging... Any tips on preparing what to keep an ear out for while listening? or what to take note on while listening? or how to prepare for the test? or generally how to do well in this test?
  13. jenslekman

    I'm dropping econonics... Is that the right decision for me?

    So... I'm doing 13units at the moment and I've already completed an accelearted course (so 15units altogether). Now... I'm aiming for 99.5 + ... and I'm doing pretty good in all of my subjects ... maybe with the exception of extension english... Now... the reason why I wanted to drop economics...
  14. jenslekman

    What prac tests do yr 12s usually do for physics?

    just wanna study ahead lol
  15. jenslekman

    University courses affected by subject selections

    are there any university courses that require you to have done: a) extension 1 english b) economics for your HSC?
  16. jenslekman

    circular geometry question

    rate the difficulty of question and please help me do it :) BE and CF are altitudes of triangle ABC. M is the midpoint of BC. Prove that angle FME = 180 - 2(angle BAC)
  17. jenslekman

    Drop or keep?

    so i have 13units and that means no free periods for me. Im thinking about dropping extension english or economics ... any advice? Economics - very good at but theres SO much work and readign! Extension english - average but its alright i find it alright... top 20 school aiming for 99+ Any...
  18. jenslekman

    Excuse for losing textbook?

    So... i think my physics textbook got stolen at school ... and it was brand new. Any good excuses to explain to teacher? or even get away without paying for it?