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    HSC Ancient History Exam Thoughts

    How did everyone go?
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    What raw mark do I need for a B6?

    Hey, I'm most curious about Music 2 - I've heard some people say you need 81/105 (77%) to get a B6 and others say it is 72/105 (69%).
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    Help for essays

    1. Do markers prefer short and straight-to-the-point sentences (15 - 30 words) or long-winded ones? (60 - 80 words) 2. How important is it to have terms from the rubric in the Discovery essay? I only have some in the introduction, and very few in my body paragraphs. 3. Do markers prefer big or...
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    Hi guys, Does anyone have any tips for acing sight-singing, besides practicing a lot? It's one of my weakest areas after melodic dictation, so any advice would be great :D
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    Ranks and the gaps in between

    Hi guys! So today my teacher was talking about how they're very surprised at the competitiveness and closeness of ranks for this year's cohort - for pretty much all my subjects - Modern, Ancient, English Adv, Extension 1 and 2, the gap between Rank 1 up to Rank 13 is literally 1 to 3 marks...
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    Are questions always on the syllabus dot points?

    Hi So let's say for Ancient, "plans and streetscapes" is the syllabus dot point, so I assume there will definitely be a high chance they could ask about plans and streetscapes, but the textbook also talks about gates, walls and villas, but that's not really specifically a "plan" or a...
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    Internal/external rankings for English Extension

    Hey Does the ranking system for the majority of subjects, where your internal rank determines your internal mark, and you keep your external and then they average it, etc, apply for EE1? Or is it different, because I know your internal and external for EE2 stays the same and then they average...
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    Help for Module B Hamlet Essay

    Hey, Is anyone willing to help read over my 1000 word essay for Hamlet? I would need feedback before the 14th June though. Thanks. :D
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    Good HSC books on Albert Speer?

    Does anyone know any good books on Albert Speer that organises information according to the syllabus? Because the one I have right now is very scattered and I prefer a more methodical one that goes dot point by dot point. Thanks. :)
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    Is a 98/99+ ATAR looking achievable at this stage?

    Hi guys I'm aiming for an ATAR of over 98, ideally a 99.10. My school isn't typically known for doing well in the HSC, as we are currently ranked in the 300s, which is kinda laughable, but I predict we will rise up this year, as there are quite a lot of intelligent and hardworking people in...
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    University and ethnicity

    Hey, So I know University of Sydney / UNSW have a lot of Asians. Where do all the (majority) of whites go? For example, if UoS and UNSW is like a selective high school in terms of its ethnicity population, then whose the private or Anglican schools of universities? Thanks :) P.S: Not...
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    HELP for creative writing

    Hi, Neither of my prepared creatives have much of a plot going on. Particularly for Ext 1, where it's stream-of-consciousness. Would I be marked down for this, even if I do make the concept of discovery or genre conventions explicitly known?
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    What degree do I need to work for a newspaper?

    I'm guessing journalism? How well do the jobs pay? Do I need some experience now? (like writing accolades or freelance jobs) I'm going to do some research after I finish studying tonight, but if anyone has any information/knowledge/tips, then please help? :) Thanks guys!
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    How to maintain good ranks and shoot up for bad ones?

    Hi everyone, I'm coming first in Legal Studies and English Extension 2. I intend on sustaining that rank until the end. It was also really funny to see how surprised the teachers and some of my classmates were. The teachers do have their "favourite" students, and everyone thought they were...
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    Tips on how to prepare for the midterms

    Hi everyone! I thought it might be helpful to make a thread where we can all share tips and tricks on how to prepare and revise for the upcoming midterms. Also, for balancing assignments + exam preparation. (I don't have any upcoming assignments, but some people do) What assignments and...
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    Marked down for "unbalanced composition"

    Hi guys! I got 13/15 for my first English assessment task. My thesis and ideas were great, but they removed two marks due to one paragraph/argument being longer than the other. It doesn't say anything that goes against an "unbalanced composition" in the marking criteria. However, they placed...
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    Hi guys! Not too psyched, but not too depressed. English Advanced: 13/15 - 87% RANK: 3rd Ancient History: 38/40 - 98% RANK: 1st Modern History: 34/40 - 85% RANK: 6th! Music 2: 77% RANK: 1st English Extension 1: yet to be assigned but I am determined to do well English Extension 2: yet to be...
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    URGENT: Tips on consistently revising content?

    Hi, How would you go about revising: English Advanced English Ext 1 Legal Studies Modern History and Ancient History consistently without burning out due to the masses of content? Thank you :)