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  1. J

    b arts vs b science (maj in psych)

    thinking of doing either arts/law or science/law. both arts and science offer a major in psychology. are they both the same? will i be attending the same classes as those who just do b of psychology?
  2. J

    Atar calcs

    which ones are the most accurate, and how much can our actual atars differ from these estimates?
  3. J

    tell me stories of successful study crams

    I have Ext2 maths on thursday but bio on wednesday meaning that i will be cramming for the maths test the night before and morning of the exam (yay) please share some successful study cram stories to give me inspiration and make me feel a bit better hahahha my success story: studying the...
  4. J

    mod c related (people and politics)

    anyone have good related texts for people and politics? struggling to find a second one prescribed text is king henry
  5. J

    hsc english marking

    For the HSC, are English papers marked by markers who know about the texts or just someone who may know it? If there's a possibility you can get a marker who doesn't know your text then is it fine to bullshit a few things? Also, do all papers from one school get sent to one marker? If so, is...
  6. J

    Atar estimate please <3

    Would love to get 99 but not too sure whether it's possible (will definitely work hard to smash the hsc though). Also trial marks are a bit sad so will hope to do heaps better in the hsc. We can also get estimates from the school but I've heard that they're very dodgy School rank 2017: 10...
  7. J

    how are external marks calculated?

    is it a raw mark based on how well you did in the exam, or is it a percentile, or a combination of both?
  8. J

    rectangular hyperbola question

    The point P(2p, 2/p) lies on the rectangular hyperbole xy=4 The equation of the normal to H at P is y - 2/p = p2(x - 2p) The normal at P meets the hyperbola H again at the point Q. The midpoint of PQ is M. i) Find the coordinates of M ii) Find the cartesian equation of the locus of M as...
  9. J

    how to study for 4u???

    Normally, I don't do any homework throughout the term and only do past papers starting maybe 1 or 2 weeks before an exam, yet I still do decent but obviously not super great. Now, I would like to do more regular study, but I'm just curious as to how everyone studies for 4u eg. do you do...
  10. J

    help fill in the blanks

    Adjacent angles share a ______ and an _______ and are on either side of the common ________.
  11. J

    Questions about hsc

    Do marks and ranks from the preliminary course count towards your ATAR? Do all assessments in the HSC course count towards your ATAR?
  12. J

    help with questions from practise paper

    Solve 2sin2x = sinx for 0 degrees <= x <= 360 degrees Given equation x2 - (k + 2)x + (2k + 4) = 0, determine the values of k such that one root is twice the other Is the curve y = x2 - 4 / x3 + 8 differentiable for all x? Give a reason for your answer. Sorry if this is hard to read
  13. J

    help with science experiment

    Question: Does the pH level of a liquid affect how fast a tablet dissolves? Liquids I will be using (pH are rough estimates I found on internet) - distilled white vinegar (pH: 2.4) - sprite (pH: 3.29) - iced tea (pH: 4.5) - black coffee (pH: 5.7) - milk (pH: 6) - tap water (pH: 7) -...
  14. J

    question about angle of inclination

    Let's say we have to find the angle of inclination of a line with equation 2x + 3y + 11 = 0 so m = -2/3 and therefore tanx = -2/3 but that gives us the answer x= -34, and this negative angle really bugs me because I don't know what to do with it. Most of the time I just ignore the negative...
  15. J

    help with quadratics!!

    Question: The general form of a quadratic with zeroes x=2 and x=8 is y=a(x-2)(x-8). Find the equation of such a quadratic for which: a) the coefficient of x2 is 3 b) the constant term is -3 c) the y intercept is -16 d) the coefficient of x is 25 e) the vertex is (5,-12) f) the curve...
  16. J

    quadratic question

    Find values of m such that mx2 + 3x - 4 < 0 for all x
  17. J

    chemical reactions- help

    Just need an explanation for these two chemical reactions and why the reactants created the products (btw equations aren't balanced) Ca + H2O --> Ca(OH)2 + H2 CaCO3 + HCl --> CaCl2 + CO2 + H2O
  18. J

    Decomposition reaction

    I know that in the decomposition reaction AB --> A+B but I don't understand the examples listed below First one: CaCO3 ---> CaO + CO2 why does it equal to calcium oxide + carbon dioxide and not calcium + carbonate? Second one: KClO3 ---> KCl + O2 I just don't understand this one haha
  19. J

    SAT or ACT?

    To people who have done them before, what are the tests like? Are they similar? Do you think a Year 10 student can cope with the test content?
  20. J

    maths in the hsc

    If you plan to do Maths Ext 1 or 2, will your marks from 2unit maths count towards your ATAR?